8 Yummy Facts About Male Model Max Bosworth!

max bosworth
Max Bosworth

Max Bosworth Facts

Every once in a while, we like to take to Instagram to see what’s happening in the world of male models. Recently, we can across a ridiculously handsome lad by the name of Max Bosworth who is originally from Chicago.

Given we are located in the Windy City,  we figured – why not?!

What follows are 8 quick facts about model Max Bosworth – a person you may not know but maybe should! 🙂

Let’s jump right in!

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Gay Pop File: Max Bosworth

Eyes: Blue ocean

Height: 6 FT

Hair Color: Brown

Birthday: August 19, 1992

Sign: Leo man

Body Type: Jock Wolf

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1) Max Bosworth has been a model for a number of organizations, including NYLAMIA, LA models and Elite Miami. Currently, he lives in Hollywood, California (according to his Twitter account).

2) According to Max’s Facebook page, he is from Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, he attended college at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY.

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3) Max is a jock – for real. He played Lacrosse in college at Onodaga, a school that is known for its athletic programs.


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4) He appears to be gay friendly, at least in terms of being open to featured stories on sites like DNA. Most of the things he tweets about are the “hot women” he likes. Still, the man makes for delicious eye candy.

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5) One of the many things we like about Max is that he channels a super sexy Lumbersexual vibe. Checkout this photo of him with a red and black flannel on as he pierces through you with crystal blue eyes.

6) Max has two brothers, which he occasionally will talk about on his social media accounts, including Instagram.

If you wear a Hawaiian shirt in Hawaii, is it just a shirt? 🌺 🤔

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7 ) Max appears to have done a number of product placements over the years; sometimes showing off his muscular, hairy chest and other times smooth. It just depends upon the product and the pictures being taken.

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Switched up the hair style 😁 I wanna know what you all think 🙏🏻

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8) If you notice with Max, many of his pictures show him playing with his hair. On his Instagram account, we were able to find this adorable one of him running his fingers through it.