Check Out The Hot Winner of Mr Gay Europe 2017

Mr Gay Europe 2017

Back in June, I introduced you all to some of the hot men of this year’s Mr Gay Europe competition.

The competition is an annual race to see which man representing their European country can win to be a representation for the gay community as a whole in the continent.

It wasn’t just a male beauty pageant as there was a lot of hard work that went into it. Contestants had to know their stuff about LGBTQ history and culture, they had to work their bodies for an athletic portion of the contest, and they had to hold their own during a speech section of the competition. And that’s still only part of it!

After all was said and done, one man stood victorious over the rest and that man was Mr Gay England himself, Matt Rood.

If you want to get a good eye full of the man, check him out down below.

Had a great time working with the amazing @manelortega tonight 😀

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