Muscle Worship: 7 Facts You Might Not Know!

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Muscle Worship involves a lot more than you think

Do you like watching guys flex their muscles? When you’ve hookup with a hottie, have you ever kissed his biceps? Do you get turned on when you run your fingers across a guy’s pecs, deltoids and triceps – or the grooves along his abs?

If you answered yes to these questions, there’s a good chance you are into muscle worship. Don’t worry -it’s not a bad thing. Lots of guys are into muscle worship.

In fact, that’s what this article is all about – worshiping guys who spend time at the gym and then using what they’ve built to flex and show off in front of you.

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And so without further delay, what follows are seven facts about muscle worship you might not know! Oh – don’t forget to take our muscle worship poll at the end!

1. Definition of muscle worship

The official name for muscle worship is sthenolagnia and it is considered an offshoot of body worship. The practice of worshiping someone with a sculpted, muscular physique has been around for centuries.

muscle worship background
Muscle worship: An ancient ritual

Just take a look at some of the statues from ancient Greece and Rome. Many of the gods were depicted as muscular and super cut.  The intent was to create an image of strength and power.

2. What qualifies as muscle worship?

The term muscle worship is somewhat subjective, but generally speaking, activities involving adoration of muscle include:

    • Touching
    • Licking
    • Kissing
    • Caressing
    • Stroking

Muscle Worship

3. Do people have roles in muscle worship?

There can be roles involved with this activity but not always. Sticking to the traditional definition of muscle worship, here are some related points:

      • Usually, the person being worshiped is involved with body building or athletic training (i.e. gym).
      • The worshiper is often smaller in size. Less common are two guys who have the same build (but it does happen).
      • The guy being worshiped is usually considered to be the “dominant” person in the dynamic.
      • Verbal commands by the body builder and submissive behaviors by the worshiper are often part of the experience.

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4. Can muscle worship involve groups?

The simple answer is yes. In fact, many people who are into muscle worship prefer doing so with others who enjoy adoring a person (or persons) who are sculpted.

Related points:

      • Group muscle worshiping sessions have been happening for thousands of years. It is believed the first recorded group muscle worship sessions happened during the Hellenistic
      • There can be more than one guy being worshiped during a play session.
      • Worshiping happens for men and women, gay or straight. Not confined to sexual orientation however, gay men have perfected its practice.

5. Isn’t “muscle worship” escorting by another name?

Sure – it is true – some male escorts do advertise as part of their services “muscle worship”. But many heterosexual body builders also supplement their income by allowing other men to kiss, lick and otherwise “touch” them.

When you think about it – anytime a person attends a body building event, they are involved in a visual form of muscle worship (minus the touching).

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6. Is muscle worship similar to a fetishism?

In the clinical sense, muscle worship (sthenolagnia) can be considered a form of fetishism however, this is very subjective.

If you are interested in learning more about what qualifies as a “fetishistic disorder”, you can check out this hyperlinked page outlining the clinical features.

7. What’s in it for the “Muscle God”?

It is probably obvious what the “worshiper” muscle gets out of the experience. But what about the man being kissed, licked and touched? How is he turned on?

The answer is simple. Guys who enjoy having other men worship their muscles find the experience highly erotic. This is why some therapists prescribe “body worship” as a form of intimacy counseling with troubled couples.


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