My Gay Boyfriend Cheated on Me with My “Straight” Dad

gay boyfriend cheated with my straight dad

I caught them in the basement making out – with no shirts on and unbuttoned jeans

– Drew in Houston

Starting the dating process after a longer term relationship can be daunting. It had been two years since calling it quits with my ex and I swore to myself I wouldn’t date anyone seriously again for a long time.

That promise didn’t last very long.

After much prodding from my friends, I decided to put myself out on the market. Being 34-years old, I was continually reminded that I’m not getting any younger. The grey hairs cropping up on my sideburns are proof.  

I suppose if I had to describe myself I would say I am a cross between a jock and a wolf. I’ve got muscular features and like to wear facial hair like a lot of gay men. Some people have said I’m “good looking” but I hate describing myself that way.

So one weekend this past summer, a buddy of mine decided to play matchmaker and set me up on a blind date with “a friend of a friend”. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. Plus, the pic he showed me of the dude was impressive.

Meeting Kyle

Our first date took place at a coffee shop in the gay area of Houston called Montrose. We were to meet around 6pm. I got there a little early to secure a spot – a small table that afforded a little privacy. After ordering a cup of Joe, I sat and waited for him to come in, passing the time reading random news stories on my iPhone.

That’s when Kyle walked in the door.

ryan guzman hot
Ryan Guzman

If I had to describe him, I would say he looked a lot like Ryan Guzman, that hunky Latin guy that you probably have seen in some of those “Step Up” movies. OMG from the minute he came I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Kyle has jet black hair and green eyes – plus like me, he wears a bit of facial hair.

As he made his way over to the table, I started to get up but he signaled me to stay put. “It’s all good Drew – no need,” he said in a deep voice through his charming smile. “Holly crap are you are hotter than your pictures,” he added, his eyes piercing through me. Apparently, my friend had shown him my Facebook page.

We probably spent a good two-hours at the café.  We seemed to have a lot in common. We were both the same age and both had recently come out of a relationship. He seemed to be pretty stable. I mean he had a full time job at a well-known company in town and owned his own car plus condo.

I have to say that I couldn’t help but notice the other guys checking him out as they drifted in and out of the café. He really is that dreamy. And I kept thinking to myself, “Wow this guy is with me!”

We left the café together and decided to check out a movie. Afterwards, we hooked up at his place. Yep, I know that’s a major no-no in terms of first dates but I want to be honest in sharing. All I will say is there is a reason Scorpio men are tagged with being good in bed – because Kyle absolutely was.

3 Months In

Things started off slow but over the course of time we decided to become exclusive. I was cautious after being with my ex for 3 years and didn’t want to get hurt again.

Like a lot of new relationships, we had sleepovers on weekends and occasional weeknights. As time went on, I become more comfortable with him and my trust started to build.

I had met his parents and we hit it off fairly well. Kyle met my mom and dad too and they really liked him. It turns out my dad and Kyle had something in common as both of them had previously served in the Texas Air National Guard.

More about my dad

My parents had me when they were super young – in fact, many would consider it “taboo” young because they were both 17. I was a shotgun wedding baby.

Dad is very young 51 years old and super fit. He looks a bit like John Schneider and about the same build. I knew I was gay when I was 5 years old because I remember getting turned on when I saw my dad with no clothes on. No, he never did anything to me but I’m just saying that my first memory of being turned on by a man.

Kyle and dad

So one random weekend Kyle and I decided to hang out at my house and chill. It was around 2pm when I got a text from my employer that a crisis had come up at work.

To make a long story short, I needed to come into the office to fix a computer problem. I manage our company’s IT Help Desk and these kinds of issues pop up from time to time.

It just so happened that evening, my dad was going to be coming over for dinner. Mom was away in Tulsa for the weekend visiting her family and pops decided to stay behind.

Before I left, I told Kyle to get dinner started and to let my dad in. I anticipated only being gone for a short while.

The tech problem at work was a lot more complicated than I had thought, which detained me for a long time. It sucked because I knew I was going to be ruining dinner.

Don’t sweat it Drew – your dad and I are doing fine. We’re watching ESPN and chilling with some beers,” texted Kyle in response to my “I’m sorry” text with a frownie emoticon.

gay dog
Max with his security towel

Making out in the basement

I finally was able to escape my job at around 7 pm. It only took me about a half hour or so to get to my house. On the way, I called Kyle to see if they needed me to pick anything up. There was no answer but it didn’t bother me. They were probably watching a game.

As I pulled into the driveway, I could see the television flickering. The odd thing was my dog max wasn’t poking his nose through the window shade – something he always does whenever someone pulls up to the driveway.

I let myself into the house and looked around for Kyle or my dad. There was nobody to be found. I did notice a dozen beer cans sitting on the coffee table and a roach clip. The place reeked of weed. Still, no sign of Max either.

Slowly, I went through the house and checked each room. Nada. That’s when I opened up the door to the basement and made my way downstairs.

What I saw next was shocking…

My dad and Kyle were making out, with my dad propped up against my washer/dryer. Both of them had their shirts off and Kyle was running his hands over my dad’s hairy chest. They both also had their jeans unbuttoned.  

“What the hell are you two doing!?” I asked, holding back tears and feeling totally confused.

They were both completely high. My dad looked at me and said in his parental voice, “Son, I can explain”. Kyle tried to murmur something but it was unintelligible. I asked them where Max was and Kyle pointed towards a supply room. Apparently, they had let him in there and shut the door. Were they afraid he would disapprove?

I let Max out and he came out with his ‘security towel” clutched in his mouth. We both ran upstairs.

Moments later, Kyle and my dad followed.

“The both of you are too high to drive. Dad, I’m going to drive you home and Kyle, I’ll get an Uber for you.”

Eventually, the car came and Kyle was gone. Somehow, I managed to give my pops a lift home – the entire time crying while also wanting to kill him.

It was the most horrible day of my life.

Fast Forward

Kyle tried to call me for days after the basement incident but I wouldn’t answer. He even started robo-texting me. I wouldn’t have any of it. Eventually, I blocked his number.

For my dad’s part, he continues to claim that he doesn’t remember anything that happened. When I asked him why he never told me he was gay or at least bi, he denied it.

“I’m not gay. Whatever you think happened between me and Kyle didn’t. We were both high. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell your mother about this either. She doesn’t need the stress.”

Needless to say, the relationship with my dad remains chilly.

It’s been several months since all of this happened. I haven’t talked to Kyle since the incident, although he did send me a hand written letter through snail mail with an apology.

Part of me wants to call him. I still have strong feelings for the man. And there’s a part of me that has fantasies about jumping his bones. It’s weird because I’m big time attracted to him emotionally and physically but also enraged that he cheated on me with my dad.  

I can’t stop replaying the laundry room incident in my mind. Had they felt each other up? How long has my dad been attracted to guys? Did Kyle hook up with other guys while we were dating? All of these questions.

And how can I really ever trust another man again?

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