My Scruff Date Stole My Wallet and IPad

Ripped Off on a Scruff Hookup
Ripped Off on a Scruff Hookup

We were going to do a fantasy role play hookup. I ended up getting humiliated and robbed.

Blake in Washington, DC

A couple of Friday nights ago, I invited a guy I had been talking to on Scruff over to my house to hang out. I won’t lie to you – the purpose of the “date” was pretty much a hookup.

But given how well the two of us had hit it off online, it seemed like there was a strong possibility of something more.

I’m not a gay fool. I know that most gay men who are on aps like Grindr, Scruff, Daddy Hunt and the like are mostly looking to score. I’m not judging because that’s what I was doing when this hunky muscle dude messaged me from out of the blue.

I’m your average looking, mid-twenties gay guy. I can’t say I look like any celebrities but some people have told me there is a resemblance to Nathan Buzolic from TV, except my body is not as cut as his.

The guy who “Woofed” at me called himself “Matt”. His profile and pics were really beautiful. As we got to talking online, he said he was a mixture of black, white and Latino. If you have ever seen Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf, you’ll get a basic idea. The guy was stunning.

We did the normal chit-chat about where we were from, what we were into and things we didn’t like. As the checkboxes started to add up, I became more and more interested. He described himself as a “masculine top” who liked versatile guys. Check – that was me!

As we made plans for him to come over to my place, we exchanged telephone numbers. I’ve learned that when you set up a hookup Scruff and other aps, it is best to get the person’s digits so that if the app goes down, you have an alternative means of contact.

It’s also a good way to ferret out the flakes and freaks, which seem to be a main staple on so many of those aps.

As I was getting ready to hop in the shower, my phone chimed with a new text message.

“Do you have lube and poppers? Can you wear a pair of sexy underwear? It kind of turns me on stud.”

I replied to him I had the things he was looking for, becoming more and more excited at our plans for the night. We were going to do a roll play where he pretended to be a building inspector and I was going to have to “pay a fine” for violations in my condo.

He arrived at exactly the appointed time – 10 p.m. sharp.

He looked exactly like his pictures, which is so often not the case during a hookup.

He scanned my unit, using a piece of paper and a pen as an imaginary checklist. When he found a “violation” in my kitchen, he pointed out that the sink was not set up to city code.

“This will cost you $500.00 according to regulations mister,” he said in a deep voice. “But maybe we can figure something out,” he added, using his fingers to rub the stubble on his scruffy chin.

When I asked him what he was thinking, he grabbed me by my waist and then pulled me close, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth.

The whole time, his green-blue eyes stared right through me. I smelled a hint of pot on his breath but it was masked by the grape bubble yum  he was chewing. That so turned me on in that bad boy persona kind of way, you know?

After we were done making out and yes, feeling one another up, he commanded me into the bedroom to pay the fine.

“I’ll join you there in a minute. Just shut the door and I’ll walk in when I’m ready. Where is your bathroom?”

I pointed him towards the right direction and then went to my room. Our plan was to have him walk in and do his thing. I stripped down to nothing but my underwear as he had requested – a pair of black Polos.

As I lied on the bed and waited for him to come in, I could hear noises coming from outside of my room. I didn’t think much of it because I figured he was using the restroom and preparing himself.

The anticipation was mounting.

That’s when I thought I heard the sound of my front door closing, giving off a distinctive “thump”.

I should have got out of my bed that very second but didn’t want to ruin the moment, just in case I was wrong. After 10 minutes passed, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer.

When I looked around my condo, Matt was nowhere to be found. It just seemed so odd because when we made out, he seemed like he really was into me. Well, at least his fully enlarged baseball bat told me that. The thing was huge.

It soon dawned on me that he was gone. I was pissed and maybe even a little hurt. I grabbed my phone and sent him the following text.

“Dude WTF – why did you bolt like that? Was it something that I said? Do you do this crap to all of the guys you meet?”

There was no response. When I went on to Scruff to see if I could find him, I noticed that our previous conversations were gone. Matt had blocked me. Even the images he sent me were vapor.

I was super confused now. What did I do? Was it my breath? Did my pictures not look authentic? Did he think I was ugly?

I decided to call my friend John and share what happened. It was still fairly early and he wanted to comfort me. He invited me over to his place to watch a movie.

Still feeling humiliated, I got myself dressed and went to grab my wallet and house keys. I found the keys but my wallet was missing.

Suddenly, I got a sinking feeling inside. You know … that voice that tells you something bad happened but you can’t put your finger on it.

He ripped off myipad
Stolen iPad

I looked everywhere for my wallet and couldn’t find it. As I continued my search, I noticed my iPad had been removed from its normal resting place – a small table next to the kitchen. The tell-tale sign was a dangling white chord.

I frantically called John back.

“I’ve been ripped off – crap! I had over $200.00 in that wallet. All my credit cards, workplace access cards, driver’s license – everything! The bastard even grabbed my iPad!”  

John was supportive and told me to alert the police right away. He knew I was beside myself and headed over to my place.

By the time he arrived, the cops were in my living room, taking down a description of “Matt” and details of everything that happened.

Talk about embarrassing. How do you explain to two straight policemen that you invited a guy over for a hookup where roleplay was involved? Well, I told them and didn’t leave anything out.

“Make sure you call all of your credit card companies tonight and cancel your cards,” said one of the officers while letting themselves out.

Three days ago, the lead detective  left a voicemail and said that they still hadn’t made any progress on my case. Apparently, the phone “Matt” was using was disposable and untraceable.

I’m sure my case is super low on the police department’s priority list. When I phoned the detective back, he did tell me that there had been other cases in town similar to mine. As bad as this might sound, I took comfort in hearing that because at least I wasn’t the only one.

I’m not holding my breath that they’ll catch the guy.

I’ve learned my lesson here big time. The next time I do a random hookup with a hot guy, I’m making sure I hide all of my valuables. He’s also not getting out of my site.

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