Meet Bruce Beckham: A Hot Wolf and Gay Film Star

Bruce beckham stud

Meet Bruce Beckham 

Bruce Beckham is a gay adult film star that seems like a down to earth guy. At least that was our impression of him in a recent interview he gave to Grab Magazine; a Chicago based biweekly print magazine.

It turns out that Bruce will be heading to Chicago over the Memorial Weekend holiday. In fact, a lot of people are! We briefly talked to him for part of this piece.

FYI: In you haven’t heard, Memorial Weekend is a huge deal in Chi-Town. Like the rest of the nation, we set aside the time to remember the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

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But it’s also a time when several well attended gay events occur. The biggest is (IML) International Mr. Leather. The second is the Grabby Awards.

The IML conference and contest has been held annually in May in the Windy City since 1979. “The Grabbys” are a bit newer, starting in 1991.  And that’s what Bruce is heading here for – the Grabbys.


You may be wondering they are? In short, the Grabbys are presented annually in Chicago to honor work done in the gay adult film business. It turns out that Bruce has been nominated for a number of awards, based on his work in the industry.

Grab Magazine interviewed Bruce and asked him a host of questions. We found his answers to be fascinating and fun – all at the same time.  Call us silly but we kind of like guys born in the Midwest.

Oh, didn’t you know – Bruce is originally from Ohio (woot, woot!) 🙂 On top of that, he’s a Scorpio male – which makes sense because that’s the most sexual sign in the universe (see our Scorpio men article).

What follows are parts of the interview with Bruce, adapted a bit for us to print in a safe way to read at work with Grab’s permission. The original interview can be found on the Grab site. The interview was Tom Olah, a writer for Grab.

We hope you dig learning more about this hideously hot wolf!

Bruce Beckham gay film stud
Credit: Queer Me Now

Grab:  When did you first get into adult film and how did it happen?

Bruce Beckham (BB): My first film was in the mid ’00s with Blue Blake. A friend of mine had been working for Blue and introduced us. Blue immediately said yes to me working after meeting me.

Grab: When was the first time you hooked up with someone? Was it a boy or a girl?

BB: I’ve only ever been with guys, and my first time was straight out of an adult film. A bartender from a gay bar in Cleveland picked me up, and I went with him and some friends to a nearby apartment building with a defunct gym in the ground floor. We literally [expletive deleted] amongst weight benches and old iron weight plates on the ground.

Grab: You are a very hunky man. Were the other guys checking you out in the showers in high school?

BB: I went to a very small private religious school. Not a lot of team sports or showers beyond gym

class. I can’t speak for them, but I was always trying to sneak a peek of their junk.

Grab: What was your first day on a set like, and who was your first scene partner?

BB: My first scene was with Robert Van Damme on a secluded ranch near Calabasas. From the very

beginning of filming, I wasn’t nervous at all and it all came pretty naturally. It was also the first time I was paired with a “gay for pay” guy. Robert brought a laptop to set and had it playing girl-on-girl p*** off to the side while he was topping me. It was … odd.

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Bruce Beckham shared via Twitter
Bruce Beckham – shared via Twitter

Grab: Is it easy or hard to date if you are doing adult film?

BB: Dating isn’t really a focus of mine at the moment, but I don’t think it’s any more or less difficult, depending on how sexually active and openminded both parties are. There’s this assumption that adult stars are promiscuous and desperate.

In truth, there are many undateable guys who don’t do adult film who are incredibly promiscuous in their personal life.

Many of my friends have a lot more hookups with random guys than I. They’re just not getting paid for it. I also think a lot of guys only know how to define themselves by their work, which is their issue to work through as well.

Their lack of self-awareness tends to disqualify them from being even close to a consideration of someone I’d date. If I fell hard for someone and wanted to be in a relationship with them, we’d discuss what parameters would need to exist and what compromises would be made.

Grab: In your everyday life, what is your type?

BB: It is situational … there has to be something authentic and unique that sparks my attention.

Grab:  This last year has been an amazing year in film for you. Are you having fun?

BB: I am loving the experience of being self-employed and steering my own ship. I’ve traveled more the past year than I probably have the previous 10 years combined. It’s non-traditional work, but it’s lending itself to some amazing non-traditional experiences.

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Grab: Who is the one film star that you still want to so a scene with?

BB: That’s a tough question. There are so many hot guys in rotation and new ones coming into the industry. Boomer Banks is still highest on my list probably. I know him and think he’s beautiful inside and out.

TO: Congratulations on all your Grabby Award nominations. What did you think when you found out?

BB: I was excited and honored that my work had been appreciated. It’s a big benchmark in adult

film marketability and longevity.

Grab: If you could win one award, what do you hope it is?

BB: If I had to choose, either Best Actor for the work I did with Steve Cruz, or Best Versatile. I genuinely get into topping and bottoming and I like promoting the message that there are no heteronormative roles in adult film.

Grab: Also, congratulations on being one of the Grabby Co-Hosts. Do you have any other plans while you are in town?

BB: I haven’t been to Chicago since I was a child, so probably a lot of sightseeing. I’m also treating a friend of mine to the weekend, and it’ll be fun to sightsee and meet the other performers with him. My goal is try to facilitate him hooking up with the performer of his dreams. What are friends for? [Smiles]

Grab: For all the gay men in Chicago, I have to ask if you have ever slept with a fan?

BB: I think when I’m getting it on with someone, I’m as big a fan of them as they are of me. Mutual appreciation is key.

h/t: Grab Magazine and thank you for making this amazing interview available and for allowing us to print. And thanks to Bruce for the quick contact as well!

FYI:The Grabby occur on Saturday, May 27 in Chicago at Metro Theater 3730 N. Clark. Doors Open 6pm.

Visit the Grabbys website to learn more!