Robbie Amell Shirtless and 7 Fun Facts!

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Robbie Amell Shirtless Plus Facts

Robbie Amell is wickedly hot! With pretty blue eyes and devilishly charming smile, this is one actor that has found himself quickly ascending to major celebrity status! As he continues to watch his star rocket upward, his fan base is multiplying. 

People genuinely want to know about the man – including what he looks like shirtless, who he is dating and oh yeah – is Robbie Amell gay friendly?

This article will explore some fun facts about Robbie Amell and take a look at his background. Along the way, we will explore the question of Robbie’s availability on the market. We’ll also share some hot shirtless pics of the for the sake of eye candy. At the end, we’ve included a fun fantasy poll for you to vote in.

Are you ready to explore all things Robbie Amell? Alight – let’s jump right in!



Robbie Amell: Gay Pop File

Birthday: April 21, 1988

Sign: Taurus male stud

Eyes: Crystal Blue!

Height: 5”11

Shoe Size: 11 (rumored)  

Body Type: Jock

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Oh, Robbie!

Robbie Amell Shitless and Bulging with Muscles!

It is one thing for a family to have a hugely famous actor that seemingly comes out of nowhere to international stardom. It’s another thing entirely for lightning to seemingly strike twice and generate two such stars from the same bloodline – as is the case with the Amell family.

Stephen Amell recently shot to stardom as the star of the hit television show “Arrow,” playing famous comic book archer Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow.

His cousin Robbie Amell is currently on a second rocket ship to stardom as Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm on the “Arrow” companion series, “The Flash.”

He’s a Canadian actor known for roles in shows like “The Tomorrow People” and even as Fred Jones in the film “Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins.” There have also been a number of rumors about his lifestyle, as well as a number of fun facts about the actor in general, that are more than worth exploring.

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1. The Scooby-Do Connection

“Scooby-Do” was such a wonderful television show for many reasons, though primarily because it could be enjoyed on multiple levels. When you were a kid, you enjoyed watching a group of kids and their talking dog solve various mysterious in a comedic way. As an adult, you can begin to appreciate “Scooby-Do” for what it really is – almost a zany satire of a much simpler time.

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Robbie Amell clearly has the same connection to Scooby-Do that many of us do, as he starred as group patriarch Fred in not one but two Scooby-Do movies. Not only did he get in on the ground floor of the franchise with “The Mystery Begins,” but he also played a pivotal role in breaking “The Curse of the Lake Monster,” as well.

2. He’s a Longtime Model

Whenever an actor first comes to attention as a model, you can be rest assured that rumors about his private life will start to swirl. Robbie Amell began modeling at the surprising young age of six and enjoyed a promising career for the next decade with many prominent labels and businesses throughout Canada and the United States.

According to a wellness Counselor in Chicago, Frank Moore, “He has branded himself as not only an actor but a fitness guru.” Thanks largely to the fact that he was a model (and seemed to prefer modeling without a shirt, if his portfolio is any indication), many people have latched onto the idea that he may be secretly gay as a result. FYI: Being a model is one of the primary reasons gay rumors start in the first place.

3. Whose Line Is It, Anyway? It’s Robbie Amell’s Line

As if starring in a hit show about one of the most famous comic book characters of all time wasn’t enough, Robbie Amell has also proved time and again that he’s quite the adept little comedian.

He recently appeared as himself on a revival of the hit improvisational comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” in 2014, putting his comedy chops on full display for the world at large.

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OMG Woof Robbie!

4. He’s Appeared on Gay-Friendly Shows

One of the best things about Robbie Amell is just how gay friendly the actor seems to be. Not only does he not seem to be upset that many people believe that he’s gay (despite being currently engaged to a very famous Canadian actress), but he’s also gone out of his way to appear on some of the most gay-friendly shows on television.

He most notably appeared in the 2015 episode “Closet? You’ll Love It!” of the hit television show “Modern Family,” which itself was won numerous awards from organizations like GLAAD. With an episode name like “Closet? You’ll Love It!,” it’s almost like Robbie is trying to tell us something. 

robbie amell shirtless
Who needs viagra when you have this to look at?!

5. He Won’t Stop Posing Shirtless or In His Underwear

When former models become famous television actors, they normally stop modeling to focus on their acting career full time. This does not appear to be the case with Robbie Amell, who not only still continues to model on a regular basis, but will also not stop posing shirtless and in his underwear, as well. It’s gotten so consistent that we’ve reached the point where people are now feverishly debating online which of the Amell family members is hotter – Stephen or Robbie.

The general consensus is that this is one question Stephen probably won’t like the answer to. Other actors who have had gay rumors swirl around them that often modeled underwear include Shemar Moore and Alan Ritchson.

robbie amell shirtless

6. He Comes from a Gay-Friendly Family

Another reason why people commonly thing that Robbie Amell is gay has to do with the fact that he comes from such a gay-friendly family. Stephen Amell has made numerous public comments about how gay men should feel free to hit on him if they’d like – it doesn’t bother him at all.

That good will towards members of the gay community clearly extends to cousin Robbie, as well. It is important to note that being cool with gay people is an effective strategy for new actors who are trying to expand their fan base!

7. He’s Body Focused

Robbie Amell is so focused on working out, eating right and creating the most perfect body possible that even his co-stars are beginning to take note. One male co-star joked that it was in his contract that Robbie had to appear nude in every scene that they shared together. All we can say is WOOF! Show us more!

Final Thoughts

The public reports seem to indicate that Robbie Amell has a history of dating women. Currently, he is attached to Italia Ricci. In 2014, Robbie popped the question to her and she said yes. The couple wed in 2016. Sorry guys – he’s taken!

But just because he tied the knot doesn’t mean we can have our fantasies! What’s not to love this massively hot slab of man meat!

Above we have included a poll that lets you pick your favorite Robbie Amell dream date. Be sure to come back and compare your choice to that of your fellow website visitors.

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