I Role Played “Seduce The Bi Curious Lumberjack” with my Husband and Loved It!

sexy lumberjack man flannel

Our seduction fantasy was super hot

Hey guys, are you looking to spice up your relationship? Maybe something different with a FB? Then man do I have a fun role play idea for you!

Instead of trying to walk you through all of it, I’m just going to share a super-hot scene my husband and I recently got into that’s all about lumberjacks!

The inspiration for it came from a recent post about how to get the lumbersexual look going. If you haven’t read it, I’m putting the link down below.

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So here’s what we did – no bull$hit. Both of us looked through our closets to see if we had any plaid shirts. After doing a considerable amount of searching, I found one tucked away in a box that had a bunch of my old clothes from high school.

My hubby, Michael, didn’t have a flannel so he ran out to Target and bought one super cheap. Both of us already had jeans and construction boots so that part wasn’t a problem.  Ever see a pair of “CATS”? That’s the kind we have (but old ones).

What was a challenge was figuring out how the whole lumberjack role-playing thing would go down. In the 10-years we’ve been together, we’ve done just about every fantasy based activity you can imagine. From pretending he was the doctor and I was the patient to “captured spy”.

When the lumbersexual story went up, the both of us became intensely turned on. There’s just something about muscled up guys in flannel shirts that do it for us. Some people would call that a fetish but who effing cares.

Anyway, we did a little research on Friday night and looked up a bunch of lumberjack terms. I told you we really got into this, right?



Ultimately, we decided to pretend to do a seduction scene where my husband was the “bi curious” logger and I was the closeted gay one. Stupid maybe but that’s what we ended up agreeing on.

And so the next night – Saturday – is when it all went down. And let me tell you for a weekend, it was the most action this couple had seen in years!

At 6pm sharp, Michael and I both left the house to work out and agreed to come back 2 hours later at 8pm, dressed in full logger gear.

We didn’t create a script or anything.

Instead, we just went with our assigned roles and did it improve style. Oh, yeah … there were pre-agreed upon names.

He became Skylar and I took on the part of Colton. Silly, I know but just giving you the scoop here.

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Role play with husband

I won’t go into every single detail. No need to get graphic right? What I will tell you is that we had some of the hottest sex we’ve ever had – ever! I wish I could explain why but I can’t. In my experience, if you overanalyze shit, it can ruin it.


What I will share with you is there’s something about the seduction dynamic that creates crazy sparks of energy. It’s probably related to the whole power and control concept – if that makes sense.  And yeah, the Jack Daniels Whiskey we had on hand probably helped.

The best part was that my husband really got into his part. When I was going down on him, he called me a bunch of names that he’s never said before. And let me tell you, they weren’t cute pet names either.

It totally turned me on!

No, he didn’t say anything offensive. He wouldn’t do that. But he did use language that still shocks me to think about.

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So here’s my advice – particularly for gay men who have been together for a long period of time and want to spice things up. Do some role play. The more outrageous, the better.

Our “bi curious” lumberjack scene is just one example of many you can choose from. Here’s a book to check out if you need some ideas. There’s also lots of material on the Internet if you Google it.

OK, I gotta get running. My mouth still hurts from the weekend and I need to drink some herbal tea. That gives you an idea of just how much we did.

And I’m not even going to share with you how I introduced him to my log – or how he totally chopped the living daylights out of my wood! 🙂

BY: Conrad Braxton