Random Yummy Factoids on Ryan Phillippe You Might Not Know!

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe is a wicked hot stud

Ryan Phillippe is one of those actors that just makes our hearts go pitter patter. With crystal, blue eyes and dirty blond hair, he’s been part of the Hollywood scene for some time now. Recently, the 42-year old’s photos have been making the rounds because of their hotness.

You see, Ryan is appearing on the USA series, Shooter.  The show is a conspiracy thriller based on the best-selling novel “Point of Impact” by Stephen Hunter, and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg. Many of the pics you see from his Instagram account are connected to the new seires.

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As is customary here at GPB, we thought it might be fun to share some of his pictures while also giving you some background information. What’s important that you know is Ryan is super LGBT friendly. In fact, he’s been supportive of LGBTQ folks for a long time!

Gay Pop File: Ryan Phillipe

Birthday: September 10, 1974, New Castle, DE

Height: 5’9

Eye Color: Deep, Aqua Blue

Body Type: Straight Up Jock

Zodiac: Virgo Man Stud

Shoe Size: 11 W (Rumored)

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Did you know that he played America’s first gay teen character on a TV soap? Yep, he sure did! ABC’s One Life to Live introduced a new teenage character for a storyline exploring homophobia and coming out.

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Here’s what Ryan said about the role, as reported in the Advocate:

“Me and the guy who played my boyfriend might’ve held hands once or twice, but that was it. The age of those characters had something to do it, but things also weren’t as liberal in 1992. Still, I felt lucky to play the first gay teenager on television —- not just daytime but television, period.

What was so amazing about that for me was the response I got through fan letters that my mother and I would read together. Kids who’d never seen themselves represented on TV or in movies would write to say what a huge support they found it to be.

One kid said he’d considered suicide before seeing a character like him being accepted. I also heard from a father, a mechanic, who hadn’t spoken to his son since he came out. When our show came on in his shop, it gave him some insight and understanding as to who his son was, so it opened up communication between them.”

How cool is that?

Ryan also loves sports and has a particular fondness for baseball. In fact, he loves the sport so much that he named his son (mom Denise Witherspoon) after one of his ancestors – Deacon Phillippe who pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the turn of the previous century.

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And just like many people, Ryan has had his struggles with depression. In fact, he has shared this in a public way in interviews. He’s shared that his own battles with this life challenge have helped him to be more empathetic towards others.

We don’t know it for a fact but we can only assume part of his rigorous fitness routine, which apparently includes running, helps his mood. According to research, exercise and physical activity are help ameliorate symptoms of depression.

FYI: Ryan cares about a number of human rights issues. For example, he’s a BIG supporter of the Innocence Project. He lists it as his URL on his Instagram page.

Final factoid: Ryan has been in music videos before. He was in Placebo’s “Every You Every Me” in 1999. This makes sense because it was on the “Cruel Intentions” soundtrack.

Ryan Running!

Ryan also played the role of a TV host for Outkast in their “Hey Ya” music video back in 2004.

OK, there you have it. Just some quick yummy facts on Ryan Phillippe! 🙂