Sam Hunt Gay Boyfriend Fantasy!

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Plus Five Cool Sam Hunt Background Facts!

Sam Hunt is probably one of the hottest country music singers to hit pop culture since Mr. Kenny Chesney. Not only does the artist have a spectacular sound, he’s also bigtime dreamy!

With seaweed green eyes, a muscular physique and a beard most wolves would die for, Sam Hunt has become an obsession for gays and straights alike!

Our Sam Hunt Gay Boyfriend Fantasy

We’ve never been shy about expressing our affection towards guys we have a major man-crush on (see our man-crus posts). And so what follows are some basic background facts about Sam Hunt that might surprise you.

Some of the material is probably stuff you already know. But other facts might be new to you. Read them all so that you are better able to fully absorb the intensity of the man.

At the end of this post, we’ve included a Sam Hunt fantasy poll for you to vote in.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Sam Hunt: Take Your Time

Gay Pop File: Sam Hunt

Date of Birth: December 8, 1984, Cedertown, GA

Sign: Sagittarius Male

Height: 6’4 (Yeah, he’s that tall)

Eyes: Hazel Green

Shoe Size: 15 Wide (rumored)

Body Type: Wolf/Jock Mixture

Sam Hunt Facts
Sam Hunt: Five Cool Facts

1. He’s friends with Michael Ray

If you are a follower of country music, you have probably heard of Michael Ray. The two have performed together as part of the Lipstick Graffiti Tour this past year.

If you haven’t seen Michael Ray, you absolutely need to. We have a background page on the stud you can find here. According to published reports, the two hunks met in Nashville one evening during Country Countdown USA.

“We met one night in Nashville, and I had a show the next day in Rome Georgia.  Michael didn’t have anything going on, so I said, ‘Do you want to jump in with us and ride down to Georgia?” shared Hunt, who talked about how his friendship started with Ray in an online interview.

We have no idea if the two are as tight as Kenny Chesney was with fellow country superstar, Tim McGraw (see our fantasy post on Kenny!)


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2. He used to be a college quarterback (Woof!)

One of the first things that strikes you about Sam Hunt is how big the guy is (keep it clean folks). This guys is 6’4 and when he has boots on, even taller! Is it any surprise that the guy used to be a jock? It’s true, he was. Sam Hunt was starting quarterback for Middle Tennessee State University. He also played for University of Alabama, Birmingham. Oh, and did we mention he was invited to training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs? He was.

“That was four or five of the greatest years in my life experience. Competition at that high level, being able to fight for a starting job during those years and go through all those workouts, and be around all of those positive role models, those influencers that are in college football.

I was really lucky to be around a lot of great men, strong leaders who encouraged me to continue to be a leader and to carry a lot of those principles into life after football.” –

Sam Hunt & Chase Rice. Source: Twitter
Sam Hunt & Chase Rice. Source: Twitter
Sam-Hunt-bulging muscles
Sam Hunt Bulging Muscles: Source – Twitter

3. He obviously pumps a lot of iron

When you look at almost any picture of Sam Hunt, particularly if he’s wearing a t-shirt, it becomes immediately apparent that the dude works out – a lot. What would you expect from a former jock turned pop music, country singer? He’s already been mentioned in Men’s Fitness, the magazine where celebrity jocks are often featured. FYI: Notice in the picture the set of weights featuring Sam and his hunky fellow country vocalist, Chase Rice. Um yeah – woof!

4. His Dating History is Ambiguous

Many fans of Sam Hunt want to know who he is dating or who he has dated in the past. Gay followers in particular want to know if Sam is a friend of Dorothy. And the answer is … Well, to keep it real, there isn’t much known about his romantic life. Most all of the public information suggests that the man is a pretty private guy.

Anytime a celebrity is ambiguous about people they have dated, gay rumors are sure to follow. In fact, ambiguity is one of the top 10 reasons behind gay gossip.

But does it really matter? Hunt already is close friends with Shane McNally, an openly gay country singer and writer. What we like about Sam’s friendship with Shane is that he doesn’t try to hide it. In fact, according to published reports, he embraces it.

Perhaps Sam Hunt is one of those rare celebs who has figured out that being cool with the LGBT community only helps grow your fan base.

Pre-game before we hit the stage #MusicCity with @Bose. #SamHuntStreetParty #BoseMusic A photo posted by Sam Hunt (@samhuntmusic) on


5. He’s Breaking Down Country Stereotypes 

Perhaps one of the coolest things about Sam Hunt is that he doesn’t seem to really give a hoot what people think of him. He marches to his own drummer.

Apparently, one of his fans tweeted the following during the CMA Music Festival this past summer: “If you really want to be country, drop the flat bill and pick up a cowboy hat and some boots.”

Sam Hunt’s response?

“A lot of the people working in Nashville, they have a model. I don’t really fit into that.” – 8/25

Sam Hunt Fantasy Date Poll

Below you will find a fantasy boyfriend date featuring Sam Hunt. Out of the five choices, which would be your pick for a night alone with Sam?

Final Thoughts

Sam Hunt is a breath of fresh air in a sea of copy-cat vocalists, bro country singers and wanna be entertainers. We’re not shocked that he won the new artist of the year award.

We think you’ll agree, there’s a lot to dig about this guy that goes beyond his unique sound! If you want to see more cute pics of Sam, be sure to stop by our Pinterest page!