Sense8’s Cast And Crew Made A Video To Thank Their Fans


Sense8 Giving Thanks

The creator, cast, and crew of Sense8 want to thank all of their fans for making the show a possibility. And how do they do that? By releasing a 15-minute video.

We have covered the entire Sense8 situation from the start. The show being canceled made sense to us because of the fact that that Netflix original sci-fi series cost about 9 million per episode in its second season (and an exec said as much later).

That said, when fans reached out and shared the fact that they loved the show and wanted more of it, Netflix was kind enough to listen. They offered a 2 hour finale episode to, at the very least, give the story some closure.

But why did the fans go so out of their way for the show? That’s something that show creator, writer, and runner Lana Wachowski tried to cover why making a video to thank the fans.

Our thoughts? Sense8 is a show all about diversity and unity. It covers several people living all over the globe, which is part of the reason why the series was so expensive. Because of this, the show has a universal appeal and is also very inclusive to people of several different walks of life.

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And lets not forget that the show is so LGBTQ friendly. It has a trans showrunner, a trans actress/character, a lesbian couple, and a gay couple, and all are represented well in happy and healthy ways.

This inclusion and focus on celebrating diversity is why so many people loved the show. Because Lana Wachoswki deeply understands that, in the video down below she not only took the time to thank the fans herself, but she also had every person involved with the series do the same. And we mean EVERYBODY.

From main cast members to people with small reoccurring rolls to even people involved with behind the camera work like special effects. Everyone’s in the video giving thanks.

If you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself in the video down below. (And get ready for the 2-hour series finale which is expected to come out in 2018).

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