I’d Rather Be a Single Gay Man Than Wasting Time Dating A-Holes!

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As a single gay man, I’ve learned not to waste time on jerks!

Gay dating is a game, and not nearly as fun as watching Chris Pine. It’s more like playing poker with a bunch of people who lie about having a straight flush when all they really have is a pair of deuces.

Nobody really wants to play the game, but if we eventually want to find a relationship, then we have to. Like most games, it kind of helps to have a strategy.

Here’s mine: I don’t waste time on assholes.

That this is probably true for you to, it doesn’t erase the fact that most of the single gay men out there are in fact, giant assholes.

Maybe this is why on Saturday nights, you’ll find me binge watching Netflix instead of being out with some lame OKCupid date with another man who I’ll later found out still lives with his ex-boyfriend but “doesn’t sleep with anymore”.

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That’s right – I’d rather spend quality time by myself and not chase after some narcissist who isn’t interested in anything beyond getting his rocks off. That sounds terrible, I know, but I like to think I’m being wise.

Oh, let me tell you – I’ve spent lots of Saturday nights running after boys who appeared REAL important at the time, who’s names I’ve long forgotten. All of them turned out to be flakes, players and on certain occasions, total d*icks.

While I think they all suck for wasting my time, I sincerely do hope someday they’ll grow up and turn into non-flakes that don’t take 10-days to text you back.

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When I was younger, the instant romances were kind of fun, but now with the benefit of age, they’re completely predictable. I don’t know about you but I can spot a booty call from a mile away – and I’m not interested.

If there is a part of you who wants something casual, don’t let me stop you from trying it. There’s nothing wrong with playing the field until you figure out what you really want.

But on the flip side, there’s also nothing wrong with taking time off from “the game”. We all know it – gay dating can be exhausting and filled with rejections one right after the other. To keep it real, sometimes it’s easier (and more fun) just to be with yourself and enjoy your freedom.

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I’m not saying you have to wall yourself off completely to the possibility of meeting someone new. But you don’t have to make it the central focus of your day either.

Live as you normally would and be open to guys, but keep in the back of your mind that your time IS valuable and not to be wasted. Any man who’s not in it for the right reasons will quickly move to the side, leaving you with only real, genuine romantic options.

Now doesn’t that sound like a way better gay?

By: Rico Woods


  1. Stop whinging about what you dont want and learn to master Law of Attraction to attract the man you really want!!!! Believe me it works!!

    • The issue with “the law of attraction” is that most people don’t understand how manifestation works. I highly doubt you do considering you’re using the hot phrase “the law of attraction” speak to a real spiritual master and ask him the physics of manifesting. Stop watching the simplified and hyped versions.

      • Are you trying to mock me? I have read all books I can find. Yes there are other important laws too. This is the last kind of response i expected from this whingey whiney post lol

        • How many spiritual teachers have you studied under? Any of them enlightened or directly learn from a living enlightened master?

          How often do you manifest things and can you check the “program” you set up to initiate the manifestation? How well can you read the info embedded in the energy?

        • No, that is not what I said. I know how manifesting works. The law of attraction is so hyper simplified that it is bordering on being wrong.

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