I’m Sleeping with My Sister’s HOT Boyfriend and Can’t Stop!

sleeping sisters boyfriend

We’ve been hooking up secretly behind her back

By: Scooter in WI

You can call me every name under the sun – that’s ok because I deserve it. As mentioned in the headline, I’ve been sleeping with my sister’s curious boyfriend.

Worse, I can’t stop!

I’ll fill you in on everything in a bit but what I need so say is that I’m only doing this at a friend’s request.

You see, she’s a therapist and think’s it would be good for me to “face my truth” by writing it all out. Maybe memorializing it here will help. WTF knows?

Anyway, I’m 23 years old and live with my parents in North Eastern Wisconsin. My sister, Ashley, is one year younger and lives at home, too. She knows I’m gay and is completely affirming of who I am. She always has been.

So supportive, in fact, that she goes to Pride festivals with me and other LGBT events. Seriously, she’s everything a brother could want in a sister.

That’s why I feel so bad about hooking up with her boyfriend!

It all started last summer when she brought Kevin over to meet the family. I know that in other parts of the country things might be different but here in the Midwest, there’s still the custom of meeting “the parents” and getting their proverbial nod.

On his first visit to our home, I could tell that Ashley had big-mouthed to him that I was gay. “Oh, your sister told me all about you,” I remember him saying with a sh-t eating grin.

Later, I would find out that he has a gay brother; something that would come out in a private conversation the two of us shared. Let’s talk about Kevin for a second.

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I won’t lie to you. The guy is a full on stud. He’s got a muscular build, bearded face, green eyes and lives at the gym.

Personality wise, he is laid back. He digs the Brewers and just like everyone else in this state, lives and breathes the Packers. For me, a masculine guy that has his look plus the sports thing going on is magnetic.

So here’s how it all started.

Last fall, my sister and Kevin invited me and a guy I was casually dating (Nick) out for a Rock-climbing adventure on Devil’s Lake.

Remember, it’s Wisconsin. There’s not a lot to do!

So at some point on this wilderness adventure, Ashley and Nick began gossiping. It was their first time really ever meeting and because my sister loves to run her mouth, she started gabbing to him about all of my personal business.

I just want to say it sucks when she does this because it’s super embarrassing. Do people I know really need to know I still sleep with a stuffed animal or that I prefer boxers to briefs? That’s the kind of stuff she just can’t keep to herself.

Anyway …

While she continued yammering, Kevin and I walked from behind and started our own conversation. The usual guy stuff; sports, weather and maybe some stupid talk about the “best beer” in the state.

Then we started talking about Ashley, prior boyfriends, my ex’s and all that. BS  topics, you know?

Then, out of the blue, he intimated to me that he wasn’t all hetero. It was very subtle. I don’t remember exactly what he said but it was something like, “You know, I’m not sure anyone is 100% gay or straight”.

I don’t even remember how that conversation got started but it really doesn’t matter. The take-away from that walk in the woods up at Devil’s lake (at least to me) was that he was putting out feelers.

Look, I know I’m not all that experienced but when we had that conversation, I got the sense from him that he was checking me out. And to be real, I bet he knew I was scoping him, too.

How could I not? The guy is a mix of Chris Wood and Charlie Hunnam, swirled into one big ball of hot.

Moving on …

Days after that trip out to Devil’s lake, Kevin was over at our house.  Somehow or another, the topic of beer came up again. “Kevin, you should try Milwaukee’s Best Ice,” said my dad as we all sat around. “Son, it’s the best brew out there.” (Yuk – I hate that beer!)

Long story short, hoping to please my pops, Kevin offered to pick up a case at the store. “Oh, you are so sweet!” Ashley said to him. “While you go get that I’ll help mom get dinner started.

That’s when I got pulled into it.

“Hey, Scooter, come on bro,” said Kevin, let’s take a ride in my bronco for those brewskies.”

Call it gaydar or whatever you want but I knew he wanted me to tag along for more than just the companionship.

“Yeah, Scooter, go with him and show Kevin what dad likes!” my mom encouraged. “Now run along boys and don’t take long.”

Sure enough, when we got into his truck, the vibe I was picking up on turned into something more. What happened next is exactly how things transpired.

“Scooter, it’s like this. I already know you like me. Dude, I’ve seen you checking me out. I just want you to know it’s cool.”

Before I knew it, we started getting closer and closer and began deep kissing! I kid you not – that’s exactly how this sh-t went down.

Then he was like, “Let’s get this over with.” Before I knew it, he unzipped his cargo jeans. I wish I could tell you that I jumped out of his Bronco or stopped it all from happening. The truth is, I didn’t.

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There’s no need for me to go into specifics. All I’ll say is that I did my best impression of a human blowfish on him. In turn, he let loose like an uncorked bottle of campaign. Terrible analogy but to get this published, GPB made me change it so it was more “G” rated.

You get the point.

In any event, since that first time, I’ve been servicing him at least once a week. Sometimes it’s in the shed. Other times it’s been in my car. And still other occasions in my bedroom, while he waits for Ashley to get home from work.

We’ve talked a little here and there and he revealed to me that he’s always liked certain types of guys. I mean, it makes sense because his brother is family so maybe some of the rainbow spread over to him. I couldn’t tell you.

All I know is that Kevin isn’t “gay” but I am confident (obviously) the dude isn’t “straight” either. The thing is, I can’t keep my hands off him! He really turns me on, bad.

Am I the worst homo in the world? I know we’re going to get busted at some point. I know it!

PS last week was the first time he reciprocated. Things are getting serious. I think I’m in love. F—-c!

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