Straight Guys Who Like Anal Penetration Aren’t All Gay

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Straight men and anal penetration

Believe it or not, some straight men like having their butts played with. In fact, more than a few of them are into anal penetration. But that doesn’t mean they are gay.

Stay with me here because what you’ll learn may surprise you.

In recent years, a topic has been bubbling up within the heterosexual community about the practice of pegging. Are you familiar with this term? If not, I’ll quickly explain below.

Pegging involves a dynamic where a man who identifies as straight likes being anally penetrated with a strap on. Typically, their female partners act as the “top”.

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Because of long standing forms of homophobia within the wider culture, many assume that if a man likes anything near his anus, like a finger or toy, he “must” be gay.

It’s simply not true.

For the very reasons gay bottom men enjoy being topped, some straight men like getting “pegged”. This makes sense when you consider that a gay man’s butt is anatomically the same as a straight man’s.

The key difference is that gay men are just more open about these kinds of topics. Make sense?

Here are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. The male “G” spot is in the prostate

The prostate gland is surrounded by a bundle of nerves. When properly stimulated, they can cause extreme arousal. They aren’t “gay nerves” either. Instead, it’s male anatomy – purse and simple.

2. Some straight guys are curious about “backdoor”

Within gaydom, we simply call it topping or bottoming. But in straight-world, it’s called going “backdoor”. That’s code for anal penetration. And you know what? Some straight men are curious about what their girlfriends feel and are willing to switch positions.

But here’s the thing. They’ll never say they got f*cked. Instead, they simply say they sampled “backdoor”. See how that works? In this way, it’s very similar to the recent phenomenon called “Dude Sex”.

3 Some straight guys talk anal pleasure

If you think this is all hogwash, think again. Check out this video of a self-identified straight guy who openly discusses anal pleasure.

Food for thought!

By: Rico Woods


  1. If the fellow in the “Straight guy likes bottom clip”is in fact straight then, I must likely be from another planet. That guy is as gay as the gayest men I’ve ever heard or seen. Come on…look as he’s subtle head tilts…woman all the way.

  2. Come on…if that fellow is straight as he claims, then I am must be Martian. He is way too fairy, head slightly tilted, the way he talks, sounds, inflections, too many obvious mannerisms, eyebrows all trimmed….looks like a Barbie…lol

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