Over 20 Percent of Straight Guys Watch Video of Men Doing Men (Study)


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A recent study suggests self-identified straight guys like watching video/imagery of guys getting it on.

Did you know there’s a lot of straight men who like watching gay porn? Yep, apparently it’s true. That is if you believe a scientific study appearing in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

In an investigation led by Dr. Martin J. Downing, researchers examined the adult video watching habits of over 800 guys who identified as straight and bi from various cities.

The results were fascinating.

They discovered that nearly 21% (that’s 1-5) self-identified straight guys were checking out man on man action. And the gay dudes? They were watching straight porn at a rate of 55%.

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What often gets lost in these kinds of studies is a deeper truth. That’s because fantasy has a way of overtaking reality.

According to this specific study, the straight guys who were watching the so called “gay” adult imagery did so more out of curiosity.

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None of the straight men indicated that they had ever been with another man. When you synthesize the data and narrative observations, it really does appear that most of them just liked observing the same sex material they were seeing.

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Paraphrasing Downing, the researcher basically is suggesting that that men who identify as “straight” may be demonstrating some level of sexual fluidity with physical attraction.

At its core, it means that just because a man watches and perhaps masturbates to a same sex video doesn’t mean that translates beyond the world of imagery.

And what about the bi-sexual men in the study?

Apparently, they are watching same sex videos at a rate comparable to gay men and straight porn around the same frequency as straight men.

This data point seems to throw cold water on a long standing mantra that bi-men are really closet case homosexuals.

Here is an observation from the principle investigator:

“[Bisexual guys] are more like heterosexual men in some things, and more like gay men in other things, but that’s a reflection of their own unique attractions,” suggests Downing. “They’re not identical to either group in terms of their porn viewing, which I think is really interesting for understanding bisexuality.”

Other take-aways from the study:

  • Straight and bi men reported viewing solo material for masturbation purposes at a rate of 60%
  • Gay guys viewed solo material at a rate of approximately 50%
  • Bi men weren’t all that interested in kinky video or BDSM focused imagery (13.7).
  • Straight men gravitated towards kink at a rate of 24.7%.
  • Gay men enjoyed watching kinky fun at a rate of 27%.

This research study seems to be in line with other scientific investigations into human behavior that suggests sexual orientation is a difficult construct to define.

A recent study appearing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that straight men who were deemed homophobic hypocritically paradoxically became turned on by same sex imagery.

And guys who do hold themselves out as straight apparently are engaging in same sex activities more and more. According to the author of “Dude Sex”, they just don’t call what they are doing “gay”.

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So what do you think? If a straight man checks out two guys getting it on, does that mean he wants to hook up with other dudes?

On the flip side, if you are a gay man watching straight adult video, does that mean you want to get it on with a woman? Or, are you really just focusing in on the guy?

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