Tom Brady Has a Huge Man Crush On David Beckham (Rumor+ NSFW Pics!)

tom brady crush david beckham

Tom Brady really digs David Beckham

Apparently, New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady has developed an obsession with soccer superstar, David Beckham. Well, at least that’s what Rob Shuter is saying in his weekly column in the National Enquirer’s February 27, 2017 print copy.

Yes, we fully admit we read tawdry, supermarket tabloids around here – and we’re not ashamed of it! Remember, this is the same rag that we learned Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has anaconda sized assets!

OK, here’s the dirt, which is kind of yummy and funny at the same time.

“Tom loves David Beckham and is modeling his future career on the retired British soccer star,” chirps an unnamed source to the NE.

But here is the part that caught our attention and even got us a little excited.


“Tom thinks David is handsome and smart and loves that he is happily married with a family. Tom’s friends are always making fun of him for his crush on David, but Tom doesn’t care.

As a side note, what’s not to love about David Beckham? The 41-year-old muscle wolf is the personification of hotness. Between his tats and beard, the London born athlete is easy on the eyes.

OK – last nugget of gossip from the NE, according to the so called source:

“You can say what you want, Tom refuses to give up his imaginary bromance.”

It’s not like the two have never met. They’ve been buds for years. Here’s a photo of both men from Pop Sugar, taken circa 2010.

Credit: Pop Sugar

Now we can’t help but wonder if Tom Brady thinks of Mr. Beckham while he’s sunbathing in his birthday suit?

Oh, didn’t you hear?


Yeah, this past September, several delicious alleged photos popped up on the Internet showing the now five-time Super Bowl winner getting his tan on. One of the pictures (although grainy) even appears to feature a tasty morsel of his twig.

Here’s the NSFW link if you want to check it all out – and you know you do!

And hey, it makes sense that Tom Brady would have a massive crush on David Beckham. Have you ever seen his anatomy?

If not, you need too!

We’ve got the NSFW link to some pics from yesteryear.

OK – that’s it for now. Woof! 🙂