10 Questions with Tommy DiDario: Abs, Writing, Gio Benitez and More!

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You’ve seen Tommy DiDario with ABC reporter Gio Benitez. But who is he really? Here’s 10 questions with answers in an exclusive interview!

By: John Hollywood

Tommy DiDario is one of those wickedly hot guys that naturally draws people near. With his recent high profile marriage and launch of a Youtube channel, he’s been gaining lots of attention!

Gay Pop Buzz caught up with this blue eyed hunk to find out more about him. What follows are 10 questions with revealing answers from Tommy that might surprise you.

Let’s jump right in!


Can you tell us more about your work as a lifestyle writer?


I write about all things men’s fashion, fitness and health, travel, and food. I will only write about a brand or product I truly believe in, otherwise what’s the point?

Being authentic is very important to me so if I am talking about something, I absolutely believe in it.

I also put out more personal pieces talking about specific topics that are on my mind that are meant to encourage conversation and open people’s eyes to seeing things in a different light.

This can be anything ranging from how people treat one another in today’s world, to how everyone deserves the same human rights.

A longer project I have been working on is a screenplay. I wrote a full-length feature screenplay that I am working towards hopefully turning into a film (designed to be a trilogy) in the horror world – think Scream meets I Know What You Did Last Summer – so writing definitely keeps me busy!”

[Editor’s note: Tommy holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from NYU]

How do you like acting?

“Acting is something that I have always loved to do. I grew up doing theater throughout my entire life – over 15 different shows, and took acting courses alongside my major all throughout college at The Atlantic Theater Conservatory and privately with a NYC coach.

I have an agent here in New York City and do a lot of commercial work and roles here and there.

It is something that I love to do and it’s a creative outlet where you can be someone so totally different from who you are but then return back to yourself – it’s a fascinating craft.”

And you also have your own social media company on top of all of this?!


Aside from my own social channels and making sure my blog and content schedule is up to date, I also run the digital channels for a variety of different brands, both big and small.

I do everything from producing their photoshoots to running their social channels to creating marketing strategies and campaigns and running digital advertising.

I’ve worked with clients in the fashion, food, hospitality, jewelry, health, and fitness industries – it’s a crazy job because every day is so different and I juggle my time between many people, but it’s one that I find gratifying because I see my results right away.

Your last name sounds uniquely Italian. How much do you identify with your heritage?

“You can’t get much more Italian than “DiDario,” right? Haha

I come from a really big Italian family where everyone lived within 10-20 minutes of each other. My cousins are my best friends – we all are in the same age range and, growing up, we spent every minute together that we possibly could.

There never is a shortage of food (or wine) around my family! One of my favorite customs is on Christmas Eve, my family always makes the seven fishes. This is an Italian tradition (originally a religious tradition because you were not supposed to eat meat until Christmas Day).

It has since evolved into a feast, bigger than the meal on Christmas Day, where family and friends come together to celebrate the holiday. It’s always a very special night that I look forward to it every year.”

How long have you been working out – and what body part do you like exercising most?

“Fitness is a huge part of my life – I started working out in sixth grade when I forced my dad to buy me 5-pound dumb bells! My grandfather owned a gym when I was younger, so I spent a lot of time hanging out there and was introduced to the lifestyle of health and fitness.

I can’t say I have one favorite part I like to work out the most or the least, because I think it’s important to give each part of your body equal attention.

I stagger what I work out depending on the day, and the alternating rotation makes me look forward to targeting different body parts.

I will say I have worked my abs out the longest, consistently targeting them 5 times a week since I was 16! I like to say just break a sweat every single day by doing something physical.”

How do you and hubby Gio help support one another’s careers?

“Gio and I have schedules that are both all over the place. His work keeps him busy from early morning to night balancing four different shows and I’m running my own social media company by day, juggling 4-5 different clients at a time while balancing all of my other projects.

We both understand the chaos of what we do and support each other 100% because we both comes from worlds of juggling a lot. We value each other’s opinions and often ask one another for input, and we respect what we have to do.

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If I need to take some time at night to write a piece for something, he gets it. If he needs to take time at night to write his story for the morning, I get that. But more importantly, we understand that work is work, and we can separate that to have time to ourselves.

We have a tremendous amount of support and respect for one another and I think that’s a foundation needed in any relationship.”

What causes do you care about?

“Wow, great question.

Generally speaking, I have posted some videos on Facebook about the need for everyone to treat one another with love, kindness and respect. We live in a world where people are just plain mean. I don’t understand it – people need to live their own lives and stop judging others for who they love.

But not just for who they love, people need to stop picking others apart for no reason and instead, praise and support one another.

I strongly believe in The Tyler Clementi Foundation and was honored to host Broadway Sings for Pride which benefited the important organization.

I think The Trevor Project is also an incredibly important organization because it helps so many LGBT people have the strength to tune out all sorts of hatred, both from within and from peers, to realize that life does get better.”

What’s your spirit animal?

I think a fish! I used to get made fun of pretty badly in elementary school because I was still developing, and for some reason this huge mouth just formed and I had these lips that puffed out.

Kids would call me fish lips and tease me and at the time, I would get really upset because I felt like something was wrong with me. So I feel like I’m kind of a part of their family!


“Also – I live for snorkeling and my husband and I try to do it on any trip we can. We love the sea life – there is something so calming about it. I’m so attracted to the water. I’ve always said the ocean is one place that can put me at complete ease.”

Who is your favorite actor?

There are so many talented actors that I can’t just name one! I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Old Hollywood films – and Humphrey Bogart has always been a favorite of mine.

African Queen, Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon…he is so damn good. I also love Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and James Dean. More modern – Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Love Hewitt (she was my teen fave and I will always support JLove), Cameron Diaz, Robert DeNiro… I can go on and on – I love film!

Tell us something people don’t know about you?!

“I am the type of guy who will do the goofiest thing in the world to get a laugh out of you but, the next minute, can also have the deepest conversation in the world with you.

That’s how I live my life. People don’t have to be defined by just one thing. You can be involved in a slew of different things, and can have so many different sides to your personality.

That’s just how I am. People are shocked that I wrote a horror film, but I love the genre and I spent years perfecting a screenplay that I rewrote over 50 times, and I did it.

People are surprised I’m involved in several different things – no, I don’t just pose for photos on Instagram all day – it’s part of my blog which is one part of what I do…and that’s the beauty of life – you make it what you want it to be.”

End of Interview

Gay Pop Buzz would like to thank Tommy DiDario for his time. To learn more about him, visit his website at: http://tommydidario.com/