10 Facts About Andy Cohen That Might Surprise You!

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From time to time, we like to write about various male celebs just for background. One of our favorites is Andy Cohen – the openly out, gay gabfest personality on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

Some folks don’t know this but Andy Cohen used to be the executive producer of the big time popular, Real Housewives.

Sometimes you’ll see Andy on “The View” or on other shows like “Live with Kelly”. Occasionally, he’ll even do a guest appearance on CNN – in part because of his long friendship with Anderson Cooper.

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From all accounts, he’s a super sweet guy that many people really genuinely love. Given interest in Mr. Cohen, here’s 10 facts about the celeb that might surprise you!

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1. Born in St. Louis

A lot of people think Andy is a native of Los Angeles. In truth, he was born in St. Louis, Missouri on June 2, 1968. FYI: That makes him a Gemini male.

He also lived on the East coast, where he attended school at Boston University. That’s where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

2. Worked at CBS Television

As a way of getting his foot into the proverbial door, Andy interned at CBS News on with Julie Chen.

After the internship, he worked at the network for nearly 10 years in his capacity as a senior producer of The Early Show. He also helped out with CBS This Morning and 48 Hours.

3. Came out as Gay at 22

At the age of 22, Andy came out to his family. That would have been circa 1990 – a time when it was still difficult for many LGBTQ folks to come out to anyone.

“They were so wonderful,” he has shared in public interviews. “They were kind of the dream parents to come out to.”

4. Cohen Joined Bravo in 2004

At one time, Andy worked for a company called Trio. This was a jointly held operation between the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Power Broadcasting Inc. and a 24-hour international news channel called Newsworld International.

Andy officially joined Bravo in 2004, when Trio purchased the small cable network.

5. Emmy Winner

Yep, it’s true – Andy Cohen won an Emmy Award. It happened in 2000 in his role as executive producer of the show, Top Chef.

Today, the reality series is still on the air and will be going into its 14th season – making it one of the longest running shows on television!

6. He Did Date Anderson Cooper

Many people have wondered if Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have ever dated. The answer is – technically – yes.

Andy has shared in public (many times) that the two had a bad blind date several decades ago. “We’ve never seen each other naked or anything,” he always adds.

7. Best Dressed

When you watch Andy on television, have you ever noticed how well he dresses? You wouldn’t be alone in that observation.

In 2012, he was named “Best Dressed Man of the Year” by GQ Magazine!

8. He Has a Pet Beagle

Did you know Andy is a dog lover? He sure is! He has a super cute rescue beagle named Wacha. He named the dog after St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Michal Wacha.

Speaking of baseball, he’s friendly with several of the Cardinals players, including one super hot center-fielder named Randall Grichuk.

9. Friends with Lady Gaga

If you are a fan of Lady Gaga, you are no doubt familiar with the 2014 video, GUY. But did you know Andy Cohen is in it?

Yep, he sure is! Be sure to check out this YouTube video and see for yourself. Needless to say the two are close friends.

10. Has a Radio Channel

If you thought Andy Cohen was just on Bravo, think again. The man has his own radio network on SiriusXM called RadioAndy.

This channel features – you guessed it – Andy himself. But if you tune in, you’ll also find Sandra Bernhard, Jon Alter, John Benjamin Hickey and Bethenny Frankel.

You can find it by dialing in 102 on SiriusXM.

Photo Credit: Wiki-Commons