male rape forced stories
Forced by men and raped


Rape happens to men, regardless if they are straight or gay. In many cases, the brutal sexual assault incidents go unreported. That’s because many of the men who have been raped are fearful about sharing their stories.

The emotional trauma of being raped as a man by other guys can be devastating. Not only do the victims struggle with the physical violence forced upon them, they are also left wondering if they have done anything to invite their sexual assault.

Obviously, the answer is always no. That said, being held down by a group of other men and being made to perform oral sex or be anally penetrated leaves deep psychological scars.

Raped by other men

In our hyper-masculine culture, incidents of male on male sexual assault go underreported. There is a mentality that men “can’t be forced” and that victims “must be gay”. The reality, however, is completely different.

On the street, some refer to this as male rape. That’s a kind way of saying male on male sexual assault. And when it happens, it usually is carried out in groups who use psychological and physical cohesion to overwhelm their victims.

Instead, gay rape means being forced to engage in same sex acts, usually with other guys.

What follows are 10 rape stories involving men who were forced into gay sex. Some of these men are straight. Others are bisexual. And still other men are gay.

All of them are true.

1. Forcibly raped by men in prison

In this story, a young man who was sent to prison on a drug related charge found himself repeatedly raped by members of a gang.

“I was pinned down and couldn’t move”

Ron shares in excruciating detail what it’s like to have a group of thuggish Latin Kings forcibly hold him down while being violated orally and anally.

Raped in prison by other guys

2. Straight man forced gay

Imagine being a heterosexual man who is secure in your orientation. Now imagine that while on a work trip to South America, you anger a group of employees who become offended by your comments.

As a result of feeling emasculated, they rape you.

This is exactly what happened to Ryan from Seattle. He was literally held down while a group of men who sodomized him by violating his anus. Even a coworker who was with him forced sexual contact.

Brutally forced into gay anal by loggers

3 Football player forced gay by four teammates

What if you played on a football team in college and were responsible for a game loss. Do you think your teammates would be angry at you? Is it possible they’d be some mad that they’d engage in sexual assault?

“They forced anal onto me like jackals”

Sadly, this is exactly what happened to Travis from Nebraska. After his college team lost an important championship game, his teammates became enraged.

In an effort to punish him for what they considered “girly” behaviors, they held him down and violated him.

Straight guy forced gay by sexual assault

4. Group forced in a sauna

Tom shares in this story that he is a recovering drug and alcohol addict. Several years ago while on a binge, he visited a sauna in Chicago.

It was there something terrible happened.

Specifically, he found himself passed out as other men took turns penetrating him over and over again.

During some of the experience, he was semi-conscious. Many of his other memories are fuzzy. One thing is for sure – it happened.

Raped by men at a sauna repeatedly

gay forced and sexually assaulted
Male on male sexual assault

5. Straight prisoner sexually violated

In one of the most horrific sexual assault stories we’ve ever read, a man that was awaiting trial in an Indiana prison was sexually assaulted by another man with a toothbrush.

Covered in the local newspaper, the prisoner was held down by two inmates while one of them spent nearly two hours penetrating his anus with a grizzly, used toothbrush. He was partially conscious when it happened. One of the perpetrators admitted to what happened.

Violated in prison with a toothbrush

6. Birthday beat downs by football team

High school is supposed to be a time of fun and laughter. If you play sports, it’s also a moment when you learn concepts of trusting others. But for some young men, high school turned out to be a hellish nightmare.

In this true story covered by local media in Chicago, the tale of male football players being brutally hazed and forced to suck off other male players is told. It happened to more than one guy and apparently went on for many years.

Forced into giving oral to male teammates

7. Man drugged and raped by a man

One can only imagine what it might be like to have a drug put into a drink, only to be forced into gay sex without consent. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to an Indiana man who had just come back from a Pride event.

“It all seemed surreal”

Learn about Patrick, who in June of 2016 found himself being viciously penetrated by a guy who he thought was his friend.

The most tragic aspect of his tale is that Patrick recently lost his significant other at the time of his assault.

Violated in my home by another man

8. Sodomized with force by coke bottles

Some stories are so horrific that one has to question if they are even true. An example can be found in the case of a Texas high school athlete who was anally penetrated with Coke bottles by a gaggle of other athletes.

He was also sexually violated with a baseball bat, bottles and steel pipes.

To our knowledge, a total of 10 men raped another man. Moreover, it may have happened to more than one victim.

Brutally forced into gay anal by football team

man raped by men on stairwell

9. Man raped by men on stairwell

While there isn’t a lot of detail about this case, we recently learned of a man in Chicago who was apparently sexually violated on a stairwell.

In fact, police examined evidence of the assault in the form of condoms.

Learn about the case of a young man who was forced into some type of anal penetration by two other guys in the stairwell of an old building. His injuries were enough to cause him to seek out medical attention.

Gay raped on a stairwell

10. Men being raped in the military

One of the most underreported crimes that happen in the military is male on male sexual assault. Here, men are forced into gay sex by other soldiers in an effort to humiliate them.

It’s so serious that veterans are starting to come out and share their stories.

In this detailed article, learn about gay forced sex by military members. Watch a video of victims who talk about what happened to them. Discover why male sexual assault is an issue that can’t be ignored.

Men sexually assaulting military men


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