10 Gay Fashion Essentials On a Shoestring Budget

gay fashion essentials

Gay Fashion Essentials

Gay fashion has long been equated with having to spend lots of money on pricey clothes. But do you really need to blow your entire paycheck on name brand items just to be in style? The answer to that question is simply: no.

Here is why.

You can achieve a fashionably gay look on a shoestring budget quite easily by owning a few traditional standbys. And while there may be some truth to the old axiom that clothes make the man, that doesn’t mean you need to rack up giant credit card debt in the process.

What follows are 10 gay fashion essentials that you can own without much financial stress. We’ve tried to identify items that are easy on the eyes and gentle on the pocketbook. Most all of them can be ordered online through Amazon.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

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10 Gay Fashion Essentials

1. Wrangler’s Long Sleeve Sports Western

If need a long sleeve shirt for a dinner or special event, you can’t go wrong with Wrangler’s white long sleeve sports western. The shirt is interchangeable with various kinds of pants, including dress slacks or blue jeans.

And for less than $30.00 at many retail outlets, you can’t go wrong. Visit Amazon to check pricing.

2. Williams Cashmere Sweater

A gay fashion must have a cashmere sweater. But trying to find something of quality that doesn’t cost you a fortune can be challenging.

That’s why we love Williams Cashmere sweaters. Not only is this a beautiful piece of clothing, it’s also reasonably priced. Some stores carry this item for less than $100.00

3. Levi’s 501 Original Fit Blue Jeans

Some designer labels want hundreds of dollars for a pair of jeans. The problem is that what may be in today may be out tomorrow.

However, this is not the case with Levi’s Original Fit 501 Blue Jeans. You can wear the white shirt mentioned earlier or the sweater and pull off a classic, yet modern look. We’ve seen this clothing item for less than $50.00 at department stores.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Phelpio4 Fashion Sneaker

Black sneakers never go out of style and can be worn with jeans or board shorts. A great option to consider that’s easy on the budget is a pair Tommy Hilfiger fashion sneakers in black.

They’re comfortable, trendy and super cute! See Amazon’s current offerings by clicking here. Depending upon where you shop, you may be able to get these for less than $50.00.

5. Men’s Colorful Sox

Ever see a guy with super cool socks that have bright colors? They certainly grab attention. You can achieve this swoonworthy, gay fashion look today by picking up a box of Men’s Color Sox for a whole lot less than $50.00

Visit Amazon’s online store to learn more.

6. Fast Seven Blue Blazer

If you want to look stylish and fashionably gay, you’re going to need a blazer. Your best bet is to get something simple that can complement slacks or jeans.

Fast Seven makes a slim blue blazer that has an amazing fit. What’s more, it won’t crush your pocketbook. We’ve seen this blazer at various retail outlets for under $100.00.

7. Volcom Men’s Black Chino

Chinos look great in summer or winter. If you want to be a gay fashion hound on a shoestring budget, consider picking up a dark colored pair of Volcom black chinos.

The price point is right at less than $50.00 at most retail outlets. Be sure to see what Amazon may have and order online.

8. Ralph Loren White Classic V-Neck  

No gay fashion plate’s wardrobe is complete unless you own a classic V-Neck t-shirt. You could spend upwards of a hundred dollars on this or you could spend far less by picking up a package of 3 shirts from Ralph Loren.

See Amazon’s online offerings to see what might fit your budget. If you pay more than $40.00, you are spending too much.

9. Polo Men’s Canvas Jacket

Do you need something light but gay fashionable to keep you warm? Then why not take a look at Polo’s men’s canvas jacket. Not only is this one stylish, it’s also durable.

And the price can’t be beat! Amazon may carry this in stock. Be sure to check your size. You can find this at many retail outlets for less than $90.00

10. Pump Underwear for Men

Most gay men love underwear. But because of expensive price points, owning something desirable can be a challenge. The folks at Pump underwear however have a large selection to choose from. If you want to spend less than $50.00 on Pump, be sure to look around.

You can browse Amazon’s online store and see what style you like best. Be sure to check out our article on male underwear model secrets when you have a chance!

Gay Fashion Final Thoughts

Remember, gay fashion doesn’t mean you have to go broke. By choosing a few traditional standbys, you can pull off an amazing look without breaking the bank!

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