10 Signs Your Guy is Cheating on You

10 Signs Your Guy is Cheating on You

Don’t act surprised! You know it is possible. In fact, when it comes to human relationships, everything is possible. You are an adult and you should know that!

So, Here are 10 Signs He is Cheating on You

So, I am not going to address the elephant in the room and talk about the reason you clicked on this article, but I must say that IF you believe that, your other half is cheating on you, this article is going to clear things up and help you figure out whether your boyfriend/partner/husband is faithful or not.

So, let’s dive right into it!

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Sign #1: He is Distant

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Obviously, this is the very first red flag you should look for if you suspect that your boyfriend might be cheating. If he doesn’t text you that often, if your interaction, both physical and online, has become distant and cold, or if you simply don’t have lots of sex anymore, something might be going wrong.

Distance is always a sign you want to look for. If it’s in the picture, most likely, a third person is in the same picture as well.

Sign #2: All Work And No Play Makes Jack a Cheating Boy

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We all live busy lives. It’s the 21st Century, and work, today, takes so much time from our everyday lives that we just cannot keep up with all the “responsibilities” a relationship comes with. However, there is always a middle ground.

If you find your guy too occupied every time you want to see him or if you believe that he uses his work as an excuse to avoid you, you should better investigate it further and figure out whether it is his job or another kind of …job that keeps him busy. You never know!

Sign #3: He Goes Out With Friends You Don’t Know

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Most likely, if you are in a long-term relationship, you know all of your boyfriend’s friends. However, if he starts bringing up names that you have never heard before, there might be something wrong.

Of course, he cannot tell you that he is going out with one of the friends you know because this world is just too small and chances are he will get caught eventually.

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Mentioning friends from the past or friends you’ve never heard about before is safer for him.

Sign #4: He Makes No Plans With You

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Most of the times, when a partner does not include you in his plans, chances are he just doesn’t take you that seriously and his life is simply an area you are not really welcome in. If you want to test the waters, you can always suggest a trip and see how he reacts. If there is another guy in his life, he will probably come up with an excuse.

He would never want to make his other guy angry, after all!

Sign #5: He Takes Too Much Care of Himself

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Don’t get me wrong. Many guys take care of themselves just because they want to look and feel good. On the other hand, if, in the past, your man was too lazy to go to the gym or too busy to have a haircut, and, now, totally out of the blue, he just takes care of himself, he is most likely trying to impress someone.

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Wait! Of course, that someone might be you.

Sign #6: Suspicious Social Media Activity

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If you are suspicious, monitor his social media. I am not suggesting that you should stalk him but keep an eye open for any love songs, for weird Instagram stories that feel like they are intended for someone else or for pictures that he posts online. Also, does he stay up all night chatting on Messenger? Hmmm… Definitely not a good sign.

If there is something weird about his social media, the very first thing you want to do is to look at his likes and comments. Is there any guy who likes his social media content like a maniac?

Sign #7: He Keeps His Phone On Him All The Time

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Today there are so many different technologies a man (okay, or a woman) can use to cheat on someone. Luckily, all of these technologies can be found inside a mobile phone. If he is writing a text and turns his phone away from you when you look over, he might be chatting with someone he doesn’t want you to know about.

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If he doesn’t leave his mobile devices on plain sight, again, something bad might be happening. If you had this kind of relationship that you knew each other’s passwords and his password is now changed, you are, most likely, involved in a love triangle.

Don’t be the third wheel. Man up and talk about it!

Sign #8: His Notifications Are Turned Off

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Too many messages look suspicious. You know that and, most importantly, your partner knows that as well. As a result, when he doesn’t want you to realize that he’s been talking to someone else, he will turn his notifications off.

Take a look at his screen. Does it light up without any sound being heard?

Sign #9: He Doesn’t Share His Financials With You

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Dating equals expenses. If your guy is trying to impress another guy, he is, most likely, paying for drinks, food etc. Is he running low on money lately but he won’t tell you where he has spent his whole salary? Hmmm… I know I wouldn’t like that.

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Again, every relationship is different and I am not saying that a guy is obliged to share his financials with his BF. But if he did share his financial history in the past and he is now hiding it, he is hiding something else too.

His lover.

Sign #10: He Keeps Accusing You

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Let’s get something straight. Most of the times, being a cheater hurts. As a result, your man will try to project his guilt onto you, assuming that you’re being just as disloyal as he is.

If he keeps accusing you of flirting with other guys, of cheating on him, of texting with other guys and so on, and you have never done that, he is just feeling guilty.

Of course, you are going to tell yourself that he deserves this feeling of emptiness that comes with guilt. But the bad news is that his guilt might mean that the other guy is not just a sex-buddy but a real love object he has feelings for.