15 Facts About Barry Manilow You Might Not Know

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Barry Manilow Facts

Can you level with you? We kind of dig Barry Manilow around this blog. Over the last year, we poked fun at him plenty of times – particularly when word came out that we got married to another man. Not that news of the marriage was a big deal but instead, the shock some people seemed to around Manilow being gay.

And then there was that bit of news shortly after the marriage news broke that he was rumored to have his very own, ridiculously hot boy toy.

And while it is all good and fun to get our laughs on at Manilow’s expense, we also want to stay true to who we are and say this – Barry is one of us. You see part of our mission at Gay Pop Buzz is to celebrate various entertainers; particularly those who are gay.

We did this in a big way when the dream of same sex marriage became a reality for everyone in these United States. An example of this can be found in our Robert Reed facts post.

And because we really do think Barry Manilow has made a meaningful impact on the music industry over a period that spans several decades,  we’ve decided to share 15 facts about this singer, songwriter and true piece of Americana that you might now know.

Barry – we love you. This one’s for you!

Gay Pop File: Barry Manilow

Born: June 17, 1943, Brooklyn, NY

Sign: Gemini

Height: 6.0

1) Barry Manilow’s birth name was Barry Alan Pincus.

2) He was married to a woman for one year to a woman named Susan Deixler.

3) He gets little credit for jingles that are super memorable, including: “Like a Good Neighbor – State Farm is There …” and “I am stuck on Band Aid Brand Because Band Aid stuck on me”

4) The rumor is true – he really did sing with Bette Midler at the Continental Baths back in 1971.

5) At one time, he worked in the mailroom at CBS just to make money.

6) He starred on a Will and Grace episode 2003 with Will being one of his adoring “Fanilows”.

7) Manilow was frequently criticized by other vocalists and song writers for his sound and music, which was primarily aimed at white, middle class women.

8) Manilow has 29 albums that have been certified as platinum status with three earning triple platinum status: Barry Manilow Live (1977), Even Now (1978), and Greatest Hits (1978), respectively.

9) In 2004, Oprah revealed Barry Manilow was one of the most frequently requested guests on her show.

10) In 1978, he fractured his ankle minutes before going out on stage at the Olympia Theater. He allowed his doctor to bandage him up and went against medical advice to perform the show.

11) In 2003, Manilow is reported to have undergone an upper and lower body facelift. To escape recognition from fans, he wore dark glasses and a wig.

12) He matched fan donations to the American Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina.

13) He’s used his Palm Springs home many times to hold fundraisers for local charities and causes.

14) Manilow has sold over 80,000,000 records, making him one of the bestselling artists of all time.

15) He has frequently appeared as a headliner and performer on:  A Capitol Fourth – a PBS Fourth of July presentation.


Many people have wondered if Barry Manilow has ever made a public comment about his marriage to Garry Keif. The answer is – yes! He shared with the National Enquirer the following in a piece appearing in the January 11, 2016 edition of the tabloid magazine.

“It was something you had to be ashamed of and, in the blink of an eye, nobody cares.”

Barry, we just want to say that we love you. Not only is it OK to be gay now and have a husband, it’s kind of cool. We hope you keep making great music for years to come.