25 Gay Male Stories About Dating and Hooking Up

gay male stories

Real talk from gay males. Some are funny. Others are horrifying.

Gay male stories can be interesting to read. When you review them, they’re often gripping. Some are even surreal. That’s not to say they aren’t true. Many are. But a lot are infused with the stuff of fantasy.

Here at GPB, we encourage readers to share real stories that have happened in their lives. This means first hand. The hope is to encourage an ongoing narrative about the struggles of being male and gay in a relatable way.

Here’s 25 same sex stories shared by followers of our blog. While we can’t promise all of the details are truthful, we can say many speak to common experiences.

The focus of this post will be on dating and hooking up. Let’s jump right in!

1. Sleeping with a curious jock

Imagine having a neighbor who you thought was straight, only to find out that he’s not. After hooking up, would you walk away or keep connecting with him? The answer to that question is a lot harder than you might think.

Link to curious jock

2. Ginger with a monster

Red headed guys sometimes get a bum rap. Much of this has to do with stereotypes and rumor. But what if you are a ginger who happens to be larger than life? In fact, what if you have a monster in your pants and it causes problems with dating?

Link to monster ginger guy

3. Canoe boy

Would you hookup with your boyfriend in a canoe? If the answer is yes, would you do it in the presence of others? This gentleman shares his story about doing his man – literally – on a canoe in Wisconsin.

Link to canoe story

4. Raw rodeo

Some guys like camping. Other guys don’t. Do you? If so, you might like reading about a man in Texas who learned how to make cowboy coffee. The end result was taking part in a raw rodeo. And by raw, we don’t mean rawhide. Extremely adult in nature so be forewarned.

Link to coffee cowboy

5. Rejected for being fat

Sadly, many people do engage in fat shaming within the LGBTQ community. Sometimes it’s subtle. Other times, it can be very direct. What would you do if a jock refused to be seen with you because you were fat? Would it piss you off? It happened to one man at his gym.

Link to jock shame story

6. Month free from grindr

Some guys live on the hookup apps. Other men only tap on them once or twice a week. But what if you found that Grindr had taken over your life. Does this constitute an addiction? The male in this piece talks about his experience in candid detail.

Link to giving up grindr

7. Straight men have secrets

Can any man really call himself straight after hooking up with a gay guy? Some people think the answer is yes. Others feel its more complicated. In this article, same sex experiences by heterosexual guys are revealed. You might be surprised at what you read here.

Link to secrets of straight men

8. Taking loads from the roommate

If you’ve ever had a male roommate that’s attractive, you know it can be a struggle (particularly if you are gay). But what if you start fooling around with your roomie? Moreover, what would happen if you learned he had a girlfriend on the side? Would you be upset?

Link to taking curious loads

9. Straight men hooking up in the woods

One of the first things a gay male will remember is seeing other men engaging in intimate contact. This is particularly true if the guy sees more than two people hooking up. Learn about how a young closeted male walked up on three of his fellow cadets who were doing the nasty – deep in the woods.

Link to straight guys in the woods

10. 7-11 now serving big gulps

Do you remember your first experience with another man? Was the guy hot or just “so so”? Imagine being a younger male and knowing you are gay but unsure about what do to about it. The tale below details how one guy confirmed his sexual orientation during a first time experience at the 7-11.

Link to big gulp story

11. Underwater fun

Have you ever done it in the water? If so, was it the ocean? If the answer is yes, you may be able to relate to Rico’s story; a writer for GPB. He offers specific details about what doing it underwater is really like. There’s a bit of camp as part of the narrative.

Link to males in the ocean

12. Struggles of dating when hot

Most of us aren’t blessed with stunning good looks that causes traffic to stop. Imagine for a minute what that might be like? Do you think it would be all flowers and rainbows? According to the young man featured in this piece, it a lot more difficult than you might think.

Link to hot gay male

13. Cruise ship gone wrong

Have you ever been on a cruise ship? If so, was it a gay cruise? Many people rave about how fun these vacations can be. One reader, however, didn’t think it was so great. That’s because he was shamed for his overweight body by a group of fit males.

Link to sailing while gay

14. Hooking up in Berlin

Many LGBTQ Americans are curious about what same sex life is like in Europe. As with most places, it depends upon the destination. One reader tells his first-hand experience about visiting a Berlin Club where males get it on with males in a hook up house.

Link to Berlin club

15. Gaining weight while dating

If you were dating a guy and loved him, would you worry about putting on a few pounds? On the flipside, would you break up with a man because he gained a little extra? This reader shares what happened to him when his scales started to increase.

Link to dating and weight gain

16. Dry spells and sex

It’s completely normal to go through a dry spell on the dating front. The same holds true for sex. The question is: How do you cope? This reader shares several practical tips for making the most of a dry spell and working through.

Link to dry spells and sex

17. Get off grindr

Some guys love to complain about how their dating lives suck. This makes sense when you haven’t been with someone for a long time. That said, can spending too much time on hookup apps like grindr sabotage your chance at love? This reader seems to think so.

Link to getting off the apps

18. Straight boy falls

Some people wonder if it’s possible for a straight man to fall for another guy. Yet we know that it happens because some guys talk about it. This reader shares his personal account of developing intimate feelings for his buddy from the gym.

Straight boy falls in love

19. Dreaming gay

When you fall asleep, you enter the land of the subconscious. This means you don’t have control over the imagery or narrative. Imagine if being straight but having dreams about hooking up with people of the same sex. Would it freak you out? Dream interpretation that might surprise you.

Dreaming gay when straight

20. Hooking up at Halloween

When you wear a mask, you have the ability to hide your identity. Taken to the extreme, this can act as a permission slip to do all sorts of things. One reader shares how his Halloween costume paved the way for his first male on male experience. Adult in nature.

Link to Halloween mask hookup

21. So hot, I lost my voice

Have you ever met a man who was so hot that you lost your voice? Did you try to speak, only to find garbled air came out? It’s embarrassing and weird, all at the same time. This reader shares exactly what happened to him upon meeting a ridiculously hot jock while lifting weights.

Link to lost voice

22. Feeding at the sauna

Gay males have their own lingo. One of the more popular terms is called feeding. Do you know what this means? In this reader submitted piece, the author shares in copious detail about what it’s like to feed three hungry guys in an eating frenzy.

Link to sauna feeding

23. Barbershop trim

Do you like going to the barbershop? A lot of men do. So what would you do if your barber was extremely attractive? Moreover, how might you respond if he wanted to get with you right in the shop? This reader explains what happened to him while getting a beard trim in the barber’s chair.

Link to short beard cut

24. Tops and tops

For some reason, a lot of gay males thing tops can’t get it on with other tops. Some of this relates to preference. In this article, a reader makes a compelling plea to all who refuse to connect with their own kind. Consider this a learning opportunity!

Link to tops having fun

25. Younger for older

Who you hookup with is based on preference. For a lot of men, this means connecting with people their own age. That said, some guys like getting it on with older – as in much older. Here’s a reader submitted story from one guy about why he likes bottoming for people twice his age.

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