4 LGBTQ Olympians Won Medals At The 2018 Winter Olympics

4 LGBTQ Olympians Won Medals

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea are not over yet, but all of the openly LGBTQ athletes have completed their respective competitions.

While we’ve stuck to talking about the gay male athletes participating at the 2018 Winter Olympics, there were in fact 15 openly LGBTQ Olympians that went to Pyeongchang, South Korea.

On top of that, four of those athletes won a grand total of seven medals. While most of these athletes come from and represent different countries, they all simultaneously represent LGBTQ people.

We should all be proud of these individuals for not only winning medals, but for just competing in the Olympics. They prove that LGBTQ people can be solid athletes like the rest.

But, who are the winners and what medals did they win? We have the list below.

Eric Radford

Radford represented us and Canada well by winning two medals. Being just one half of a figuring skating team, Radfords Bronze and Gold medals don’t belong to just him but also to his teammate as well. Congratulations to both.

Ireen Wüst

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Ireen Wüst, of the Netherlands, also won multiple medals, but she won one more than Radord. Wüst left the 2018 Winter Olympics with one Gold medal and two Silver medals for speed skating.

Adam Rippon

We’ve been talking about Adam Rippon a lot, so most of you might be a little tired of it. That said, on top of being the focus of a lot of news and gossip, Rippon also delivers on the ice. The American figure skater earned himself a Bronze Medal and now will forever be an Olympic medalist.

Brittany Bowe

Lastly, we have Brittany Bowe who is another speed skater. Bowe is another American Olympian who brought back a medal. This time, a bronze medal for speed skating.

Again, we want to congratulate all of the openly LGBTQ Olympians who went to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea (whether they won a medal or not). Each one of you represented both your country and LGBTQ people wonderfully. We couldn’t be prouder.

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