5 Fun Facts About Chris Pine that Might Surprise You!

Chris Pine Facts

Facts About Chris Pine

In case you missed it, Chris Pine was chosen by readers of this website as their “Man of the Year for 2015”. We’ve covered this actor more times than we can shake a stick here at the blog. In fact, we got so carried away that we dedicated an entire month to Chris.

The Star Trek rebooted star has drawn millions of fans to the box office since his breakout role as Captain Kirk in 2009. Versatility has become a trademark of Pine, who by now has unquestionably become a mega-watt celebrity.

But is there more to this actor than just good looks and charm? Does Chris Pine Cone – oops, Chris Pine have a softer side? This brief article will offer five interesting facts that might just surprise you. You see there’s a lot more to this scruffy faced, blue eyed actor than one might think!

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Chris Pine Background

Born: August 26, 1980

Zodiac Sign: See our Virgo Post

Celebrity Type: Actor

Dating History: Chris Pine Dating File

Chris Pine facts and trivia

1. Attended school in England

While it’s true that Chris Pine was born and raised in Southern California and attended UC Berkley, what’s not commonly known is that he studied acting in the United Kingdom.

That’s right – Pine tool courses at the University of Leeds in England. If you are wondering where he gets his wide range and his ability to believably speak in different dialects, it’s in part because of his time in the UK.

2. He has a spiritual side

Did you know that Chris has a quasi-spiritual side? Yep, it’s true. In an interview he gave with Female First in 2006, he shared the following: “Yes I definitely have a spiritual outlook. I don’t usually read self-help books, but I read a great book by a guy called Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention, which I loved. I am not a religious guy, I am probably agnostic…”

FYI: The Power of Intention is a mindfulness based book that is all about living in the here and now. In this way, Chris Pine shares similar spiritual beliefs to another hunk that goes by the name of Chris Evans (see our “Which Chris Would You Rather” post).

3. He wasn’t always an actor

It’s easy to think of our favorite celebrities as people who have always been in front of the camera. In truth, most had humble beginnings.

In the case of Chris Pine, he used to work in a restaurant and in a bakery (can you imagine him being your server?). He also spent a short period of time doing construction work for his landlord. He admitted in the 2006, Female First interview that the gig didn’t last very long because he wasn’t very good at it.

4. His mother was fairly strict

One might think that growing up in a celebrity family would means few rules or boundaries. Well, if you have watched Chris Pine for any amount of time you soon realize he’s one of the most polite guys you’ll ever see. Why might this be?

Because Chris’s mother raised him to be respectful to others, say “please and thank you” and open up doors for women when at dinner. In many ways, the guy was brought up “old school”. Perhaps this characteristic is just one of the many reasons people are drawn to him?

5. He Can Sing – For Real!

Aside from not being big on wearing sox (it’s true) – Chris Pine has a voice on him. Yes, some actor claim that they can sing but when you listen to their recordings, it’s almost always digitized to the max.

Not so with Chris Pine! Take a moment to listen to this cute and fun ditty the actor belted out during a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. Doesn’t that smile make you want to melt?

Chris Pine Final Thoughts

Yes – we’ve had a crush on Chris Pine around here for a long time. We’ve never hidden that. This is a fascinating actor who is super cool with LGBT audiences.

What can get lost in the persona of an actor is the person’s true essence. But if you look closely beyond the glitz and glamour, you’ll usually find the person’s core. In the case of Chris Pine – he’s very human.

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