5 Harmful Lies About Orlando Massacre That Need to Stop!

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Lies About Orlando We Need to Stop Now

In the days following the horrific event that occurred in Orlando, Florida, we’ve seen a number of ridiculous and outright harmful comments that have been made by people of prominence.

This blogpost is designed to speak directly to some of the lies, which if left unchecked have the harmful effect of minimizing the pain of people who are already traumatized.

Let’s jump right in!


1. Pulse Night Club Wasn’t a Gay Bar

We’ve already seen more than a few politicians claim that Pulse Night Club wasn’t a gay bar. Pete Sessions, a congressman from Texas 32nd Congressional District for example said the following as picked up by The Slot:

“It was a young person’s nightclub, I’m told. And there were some [LGBT people] there, but it was mostly Latinos.”

Sorry Pete and others who seem to think Pulse wasn’t a gay bar. It was. Your harmful, ignorant and stupid remarks only serve to minimize an already traumatized community.

2. Club Goers Should Have Fought Back

Perhaps one of the most harmful things being spread around is the myth that people should have fought back against the gunman. Just look at what Fox News host Geraldo Rivera said:

“When you’re in that situation and you have no weapons, you have two choices. If you can’t hide and you can’t run, you have two choices. You stay and die, or you fight. For God’s sakes, fight back. Fight back.”

Perhaps Mr. Rivera doesn’t realize that when people are being slaughtered with a military grade automatic weapon, it’s impossible to fight back. You can’t punch your way through hundreds of bullets.

Shaming the victims for not “fighting back” only adds to the deep pain so many are feeling. Rather than casting blame, perhaps celebrating the heroes would be more helpful?

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3. Pulse Night Club Was a Latin Bar

Some people seem to think Orlando’s Pulse Night Club is a “Latin Bar”. They would be wrong. Pulse is a gay bar (LGBTQ bar) that has been around since 2004.

On the evening of the massacre, Pulse was having a “Latin Night”. There is also a large Latino community in Orlando, with the biggest swath represented by Puerto Ricans.

By perpetuating the myth that Pulse was a Latin Bar, it minimizes LGBTQ patrons, including Latino LGBTQ persons.

4. If Clubgoers Had Guns, Fewer Would Have Died

One of the most profoundly ignorant things that has been suggested is that if patrons at Pulse would have been armed with guns, less people would have died.

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, has repeatedly made these kinds of comments in the aftermath of Orlando. What he fails to realize is that someone did have a gun.

According to the LA Times:

“Orlando Police Chief John Mina said an off-duty police officer working security at the club in uniform traded gunfire with the attacker.

Officials said that after police responded to reports of the violence, the attacker retreated to a bathroom with hostages. Police held back because the attacker made statements about having explosives, they said.”

And no Mr. Trump – bars, alcohol and guns don’t mix – ever!

5. The Gunman Was a Foreigner

As part of a wider assault on Muslim Americans, some people are spreading the lie that the man who perpetrated the killings at Pulse Night Club was “a foreigner.”

Sorry – he wasn’t. This radicalized ISIS terrorist was born right here in the United States. Specifically, he was born in Queens, New York and therefore was an American Citizen.

To suggest otherwise is to spread misinformation that feeds into a false narrative about the facts. Rather some people like it or not, the killer was homegrown.

A “ban on Muslims” as some have suggested, would not have stopped the hateful slaughter that took place at Pulse.

  • In other insidious lies that need to stop, worlds like “this radicalized ISIS terrorist.” He pledged allegiance to three different groups, one defunct, and one at odds with the other two. So he just jumped on whatever would cause a stir. DAESH only claimed him after the AP reported, showing that they didn’t even know he existed. The man was a fan of the NYPD and a private security contractor. That’s the narrative you should be remembering: this attack isn’t about Islam.

    • Lean Muscle

      He was also jacked up on steroids and a complete homophobe, even though he was into guys.

  • BruceTats

    I’m surprised with all of the Puerto Ricans in that club more of them dint have guns. Just saying. Maybe if more people had guns this wouldn’t have happened.

    • Lou Alexander

      It takes special talent to make a post like this: Racial stereotyping and blaming the victims in less than 30 words.

  • Michael

    Some of these ‘political idiots’ would go as far as saying every citizen should have a gun.Great! Then we can all shoot each other and that’s the end of it. Who the hell votes these people into government?

  • ron

    Actually a ban is needed. Muslims lie to you and would rather cut your throat than assimilate to our way of life and liberty. We need to arm ourselves because political correctness has created these situations. As a gay man, I would rather go out fighting than hiding in a bathroom like some scared little girl crying. Man up and fight back. Hundreds in a bar and one gunman. The odds would have been more lives saved if everyone had rushed him. Don’t deceive yourselves into thinking nothing could have been done. Security in all bars should be armed. Period!

    • Ron,

      You dishonor the lives and families of every person who died in this tragedy. You disrespect the families and disrespect their grief. If you ever want people to see your point of view, you need to make intelligent arguments and not attack people with vitriolic hate.

      I hope nobody you love or yourself ever has to deal with something like this. And in case you missed it, there was a police officer off duty who was there. He fired at the shooter and you know what – the shooter retreated into the bar further, killing everyone in site.

      You need to get your facts straight.

  • Joan

    I do think if gay men knew something about self-defense some of this might have been preventable. I’m for the gays and all that but you guys do need to learn how to fight back.

    • The Truth Whisperer

      Can you be more insipid in you statement chock full of stereo types. Most of those men and women would surely have kicked his ass in a fight, and you as well for pushing a stereo type shame on you.

  • Dante screwrednecks

    Here is one more. He was a radicalized isis

  • America, land of the free, where expressing your opinion gets you told you should die by some hillbilly named Ron.

    In case you forgot, America was settled with the intent of being a place for the free practice of religion. Why don’t you go protest a mosque, or something, I’m sure they’d love to have you.