5 Secrets of Extremely Attractive Gay Men

attractive gay men

Secrets of Attractive Gay Men

Have you ever met a gay man that you were instantly drawn to for some unexplained reason? Was there something about the guy that pulled you towards him that went beyond his mere physical appearance? If the answer is yes – wouldn’t you like to know his secret?

In a culture where so much is available to us instantly, our primal instincts can sometimes feel dull – particularly when it comes to hunting for a mate. Think about it, regardless of your age, there’s a good chance you can still sniff out the specific traits in a man that instantly tells you if he’s desperate, lonely, clingy or arrogant.

And you know what happens when you get a strong whiff of those things? You run for the hills – big time.

It’s ironic that when we are feeling at our worst, we magically want a handsome guy to swoop in, save us from our inner pain, take us out and tell us how hot we are.

You know what we’re talking about – those times when you are stressed out from the job, dealing with crazy family members or friends who are incredibly needy.

Before you know it, months have flown by and you haven’t had a real date at all. To make matters worse, the cute outfits you bought that looked great at the store no longer fit because you have gained extra weight.

Tired, over it and exhausted, all you want to do is cuddle up with your faux lover named Netflix while you fantasize about Nico Tortorella.

Let’s face it – you are unmotivated.

And to make matters worse, the slump you are in keeps dragging on to the point that you wonder if trying to find someone to date is really even worth it. You feel apathetic, uninspired and bored.

On the flip side of the coin, when you feel life is going well and taking care of yourself, suddenly people from out of the blue start giving you attention.

What’s up with that – really? When you desperately need a date, it seems like you’re stuck in the mud. And yet when you could care less about being with someone, your phone is blowing up like a Macy’s Day float.

So how can you create positive change so that things are more stable? Hopefully, these tips will help you arrive at a happy medium. Once you are there, you’ll be a man magnet and have to fight them off with a stick.

So here are five qualities of extremely attractive gay men that’s not all about their bodies.

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5 Secrets of Extremely Attractive Gay Men

1. They practice self-care

Gay men who are extremely attractive have learned that self-care is an important aspect to their wellness. They regularly engage in the following:

  • Planning physical activity and exercise as part of their daily routine
  • Taking time to make healthy dietary choices when possible
  • Setting realistic boundaries with friends and family
  • Getting enough sleep so they are well rested and feel attractive
  • Investing time and resources into routines that enhance their appearance

2. They don’t live at bars and nightclubs

Everyone wants to be popular. And it’s easy to get caught up in the club scene when there’s lots of guys giving you attention. The downside of this is that you run the risk of branding yourself as a “bar-fly”, which isn’t always the most attractive trait in a mate. Gay men who are extremely attractive are learned to:

  • Selectively pick and choose which clubs to go to and when
  • Say no to bar hopping on every weekend
  • Reduce alcohol intake to help preserve their looks
  • Identify other fun social activities outside of the night club scene

3. They engage in self-enriching behaviors that bring enjoyment

Gay men that are extremely attractive have discovered as part of their own life journey to nurture their different gifts. This means they enrich their lives by engaging in activities that bring them personal joy. Examples include:

  • Painting what they feel on a canvas
  • Training for a marathon and other event
  • Volunteering their time to a cause
  • Practicing spiritual mindfulness focused on the now
  • Creating things through arts and crafts

4. They limit toxic relationships

All of us are going to run into negative people in the course of daily life. And unfortunately, along with negative people comes negative experiences. But extremely attractive gay men have figured out how to reduce these kinds of interactions by limiting toxic relationships in their lives. Examples include:

  • Saying goodbye to friends who live in a constant world of drama
  • Purging one sided relationships where friends take and take – but never give
  • Keeping an arm’s length away from judgmental, caustic family members
  • Avoiding relationships with people who abuse their body, mind and spirt with substances

5. They happily accept themselves for who they are

The final component of an extremely attractive gay man is simply this – they happily accept who they are. While this may seem simplistic, there’s actually a lot more to it than you might think. Here are some concrete examples to take from these men:

  • They don’t try to become something they are not
  • Change is motivated by personal desires and not for another person
  • They understand their strengths and try to improve on weaknesses without judging them
  • They spend money out of necessity and not to impress others
  • They forgive themselves for past mistakes and balance those moments with victories

Final Thoughts

Transforming yourself into an extremely attractive gay man takes time. It requires an honest self-assessment of your life in the here and now with an eye towards improvement.

An excellent book to consider reading is 30 Laws of Alpha Male Mastery by Jeremy James. What’s great about this read is how the author walks you through the change process, with concrete lessons that you can use to sculpt yourself into the total man you want to be.