7 Reasons Liam Hemsworth is great for Independence Day 2!

Liam Hemsworth independence day 2

Liam Hemsworth Independence Day 2

Liam Hemsworth is an actor that has received lots of attention in recent years and is a major celebrity in his own right. Best known for his work in the Hunger Games, the star is about to watch his career grow to mega-watt proportions with the recent announcement that he will be playing the lead role in the much anticipated sequel to Independence Day.

We’ve covered Liam Hemsworth in the past when we examined his background and acting history – plus a fun comparison on which Hemsworth brother “would you rather” – Chris or Liam.

Given news that Liam bagged this important role in his young career as fighter pilot Jake Morrison in Independence Day 2, we thought it might be time to offer our top 7 reasons why Liam is the perfect pick to save humanity from a a new alien invasion!

Why No Will Smith?

As many fans of the original Independence Day know, actor Will Smith was the lead character. According to various online reports, it appears bringing him back was simply too expensive.

As such, the project director and producers of Independence Day 2 have decided to go with Liam Hemsworth.

OK – on to our 7 reasons why Liam Hemsworth is perfect for Independence Day 2!

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

1. Not yet typecast

One of the main reasons Liam Hemsworth will work well for Independence Day 2 is because the actor has not yet been typecast. And while he is quickly becoming a household name for his acting abilities and looks, he’s not been tied to one specific role.

That’s a net plus for him because filling Will Smith’s shoes won’t be easy. Could this film end up typecasting Liam? Much of that depends on audience response and the film’s success. For now however, he’s the perfect metaphorical clay to mold and work with.

2. He’s got a wide range

Liam Hemsworth has already demonstrated that he has the ability to play a wide range of roles.

From his part as Gale Hawthorne in the Hunger Game franchise to lesser known but interesting parts in movies like Cut Bank, Liam has the “stuff” to win over audiences. See our review of Cut Bank here.

Capricorn Men

3. Great for Millennial demographic

Independence Day came out in 1996. If you are a Gen-Xer, you likely remember this film well because it was one of the breakout movies of that year. But the makers of this film likely realize that in order to pull in younger audience, such as millennials (born after 1980), it’s important to select an actor that is known to this group. Liam fits that bill in spades. FYI – Liam was born on January 13, 1990.

4. He’s crazy sexy

This may seem like a shallow reason for selecting Liam for the leading role in Independence Day 2 but to keep it real, sex sells – big time! This actor has previously made People Magazine’s list of Sexiest Men Alive. The point is he has an already existing fan base that can only help the film.

liam hemsworth sexy

5. He’s not his brother Chris

We love Chris Hemsworth on this blog so please do not get us wrong. But for years, both Chris and Liam have had dueling careers that is competitive in nature. And while Chris is best known for his role in flicks like Thor, the same notoriety seems to elude Liam. That will most certainly change once Independence 2 hits theaters.

6. Dreamy blue eyes

This too may seem like a silly reason to hoot and holler about Liam being picked for Independence Day 2 (ID2). But we’re listing this because Liam doesn’t have any old blue eyes. Instead, he’s got crystal blue dreamy eyes! This adds to his already handsome looks and will most certainly help him with audiences hoping to find someone swoonworthy in the lead role.

liam hemsworth hot

7. He’s got the total package

Yes, Liam Hemsworth is the total package when you think about it. From head to toe, he’s got the skills, abilities and looks to come off as a believable hero in this film. And while we acknowledge this will be a pivotal role in his career and could make or break the ID2 franchise, we think Liam can pull this off – easily.

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PS Independence Day 2 hits theaters June 24, 2016!