7 Things Single Gay Men Should Pack in Their Gym Bag

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Gym Bag Essentials for Single Gay Men

Are you a single gay man that frequents the gym? If the answer is yes, chances are you are hoping to pump your muscles up so that other guys notice. And while the gym “technically” isn’t supposed to be a place to prospect for dates, many of us have met our life partners at such establishments.

So if you are in the camp of gay men who believe that the gym offers the bifurcated opportunities of staying in shape while acting as a potential source for dates, it’s important to know what you should pack into your gym bag. You never know when opportunity will knock.

What follows are seven simple suggestions for you to consider. Some of these tips may seem obvious while others may cause you to pause and reflect. Read them all because you never know which one might be most important.

Let’s jump right in!

Single Gay Man Gym Bag Essentials

1. Mini Hair Brush

This one probably sounds ridiculous but believe it or not, a small brush can come in handy just before you hit the gym floor. If it’s windy outside or if it has been raining, that hair you spent time coiffing is going to look messed up. Why pretend otherwise?

There’s nothing vein about doing a quick fix in the restroom before making your debut in the free-weight area. This tip is super easy. You can pick up a mini-brush for less than $7.00 from the folks at Goody. Don’t forget the hair gel!

2. Baseball Cap

There are going to be times where your hair just isn’t going to cooperate, no matter how much you teased it before leaving the house. And depending upon what exercises you will be partaking in, it’s likely going to get messed up anyway.

If you want to focus on building muscles and not on re-doing your hair, throw in a baseball cap and forget about it. That way when you get to your gym, you can just put it on should the need arise

3. Deodorant

Do you take a shower at your gym? A lot of guys do but there are some who don’t. Obviously the choice is up to you but regardless, it’s no excuse for your pits to stink.

Yes – some guys are into rank smells but most are not. What if you meet someone you like and they are showing an interest. Do you want to really smell nasty? Why not throw in some Brut or Speed Stick?

4. Business Cards

Yes, we live in an in era of smartphones and instant communications but there’s just something cool about giving someone your business card. This helps give you a professional demeanor and sends the message that what you do for a living holds value.

If you are worried about keeping your business cards nice and neat, place a handful of them in a leather business card holder ($9.00). That’s an easy addition to your bag, right?

5. Breath Mints

Have you ever talked to a cute guy at the gym, only to be disappointed when you got a whiff of his breath? It’s kind of a letdown, isn’t it?

Well if you don’t want to be “that guy” – just toss in a pack of Mentos into your gym bag ($7.00 or less). You never know when these might come in handy … really!

6. Workout Gloves

Think workout gloves are silly? Think again. When you wear workout gloves, you are doing a lot to save your hands and prevent the visible signs of aging.

While this may not seem important now, it will matter when you are older. Valeo sells a nice pair of all around workout gloves for under $12.00.

7. Moisturizer

If you shower at your gym, there’s a good chance you are using the lotion they provide to you to moisturize. There’s nothing wrong with this but it is important to recognize that most gyms don’t offer a quality product. In fact, most of them are pretty crappy.

That’s why you need to toss in a something portable that can act as a face and body moisturizer – which takes up less space in your bag. A high quality, low price item to consider is Lubriderm’s Men’s 3 in 1 lotion. Not only will it moisturize your face and bod – this one also acts as a great post shaving balm.

Bonus Tip

And what about your gym bag? Is the one you are using now able to fit in your belongings or do you struggle for space? Why not replace it with something new that can handle a man-sized load? Under Armour sells a super cool bag that gives off a masculine vibe for less than $45.00.