8 Makeup Tips for Men You Can’t Ignore!

Sexy Male Model In Underwear

Makeup for men – yes!

We live in an era when being true to yourself and feeling great about it is non-debatable. You can be whoever you want to be, wear the clothes you feel comfortable in, do your hair as you like, be yourself.

And still, there is this tiny little taboo we still haven’t managed to kill: Guys wearing makeup.

For some reason, people still find men with makeup on to be some kind of freaks or an image that only a drag queen can work. Nonsense.

Men today are free to improve themselves by putting anything they want on their faces and we are here to support you, guys!

Today we will be taking a look at eight great tips for all of you who want to gather all the attention on a Saturday night. We guarantee you that, by the end of this post, you will have all the knowledge you might need in order to make your face look cuter than ever.

Please note that this is a post for guys who want to achieve a natural result and not a dramatic look on their face.

I’ve included some “how to videos” from the web to make things easier. OK, check it out!

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Step #1: Moisturize

This is important, people. Whether you want to put makeup on or not, moisturizing will only help your skin achieve this amazing glowing effect that people will not be able to avoid noticing. Hydrating your skin will lead to less wrinkles, more elasticity and, of course, more guys looking at you.

The number one work you have to do if you want your face to look flawless, is to make it work from inside out. No matter how much make-up you put on to cover any perfect imperfections, your face needs to reconstruct itself.

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So, invest in a good lotion or serum. Every time you hop out of the shower, make sure you apply it on moist skin and let it dry on its own –of course, don’t try and wipe it off. Also, before you put any make-up on, make sure you follow the same procedure. The cream will work as a shield between your skin and the products.

Step #2: Conceal Like a Pro

The most important step of your way to awesomeness. Wearing a concealer will ­not only make your face look fresher and lighter, but also less tired and more edgy.  I like Men’s Camo Concealer (check Amazon for price).

Use a shade that it is two to three tones lighter than your natural skin color and put it under your eyes to cover those stinky eye bags, your cheekbones, and the tip of your nose.

Use your finger (your body temperature is always a better solution than a sponge) and blend it like a maniac. Blending is never enough.

Now that you’re ready, proceed to step #3.

Step #3: Time for Foundation

You have to be really careful with your foundation. Try and find a shade that matches 100 percent your skin tone and be extra careful with how much you put on.

Use a cotton swab to apply some foundation on your eyelids, your cheeks, cheekbones, nose, and forehead. The purpose of your foundation is to cover any spots, zits, or even wrinkles.

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Even if your product’s color tone is very close to the one of your ski, putting a lot will not only look weird but it will also it will make your skin look oily, tired, and full of pores. Sky is not the limit here, guys!

Step #4: Time For Powder

Powder works in two different but equally important ways. First, it works as a way to cover any minor imperfections, and second, to cover this oily, shiny effect that makes your skin look less elegant and, as stated above, much more tired. But there is a secret here, guys; a big little secret that will save you both time and effort.

We are talking about transparent powder! It might not cover any huge discoloring but it will create this blurry, magazine effect that will look like you have been working with a real-life air brusher.

After all, you have already covered imperfections with your make-up in Step #3.

Make sure you put powder especially on your forehead and your nose.

Step #5: Contour (But Not Conventionally)

Of course, you do know what contouring is –for God’s sake, you are not living under a rock or something.

You might not be Kim Kardashian, but still, you do have an idea: Contouring is a technique to give your face some shape and make it look stronger, sweeter, rounder… Make it everything you want it to be. You should do that!

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Go with a darker powder and apply it on your cheeks right below your cheekbones. Also, don’t forget the sides of your forehead if you feel like it is a little bit bigger than you would like it to be, and make sure you shape your nose.

If you have a beard, though, all you have to do is shape it. So, in order to make your cheeks look thinner and edgier, using an eye pencil that matches your beard’s color and draw a line right where it ends. Be careful, though. You have to blend the hell out of it again.

Step #6: For Your Eyes

Your eyes matter. Even if you don’t like putting stuff on your face but you are still thinking about make-up, your eyes should be your number one priority. To make them look bigger, put some mascara on, but wait!

A transparent mascara is what you should go for. I like Meilin’s product (Check Amazon for pricing).

Transparent mascaras will make your eyes pop out, your eyelashes look bolder, and your face look more mysterious. For some extra mystery, just smudge a little eye pencil on the roots of your lower lashes. If you put too much, fix it with a Q-tip and some water.

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Step #7: A Final Touch

To give yourself that extra look of freshness, you need to create a face structure that will make your face stand out even more. With the same concealer that you used before, just highlight your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and the center of your lips.

You will instantly look fresher, younger and more noticeable.

Step #8: What To Avoid

This wouldn’t be a full guide if we didn’t mention all those things you must not do to achieve a great result. So, guess what?

Another list for you:

  • Mascara: You really don’t want to use this product, unless you want to show people that you have make-up on. If you are going natural all the way and transparent mascara does not feel right, take a liquid eyeliner and start painting your eyelashes. It will give a natural feeling and will make your eyes look magnificent.
  • Blush: The truth is that there is no obvious reason why people use blush. Most of the times, the amount of products they use, give a pale tone to their skin so adding some color sounds legit. Since in our guide we do not recommend using a lot of makeup, you might want to skip blush. If you have reached to the point where you are looking pale, consider removing your make-up and re-applying. It means you’ve put too much.
  • Glitter and Shimmery Products: Stay away from highlighter and shimmery products, unless you want to create a dramatic, over the top effect. Natural and highlighters don’t get along –that’s why we replaced it with some concealer in Step #7.

So, do you use make-up? Do you have your own beauty ritual you would like to share?

Don’t forget to drop us a comment and help the Gay Pop Buzz readers look like a million bucks!