7 Reasons Gay Men Find Aaron Rodgers Super Sexy

Aaron Rodgers has a large gay following

Ever since he burst onto the scene in 2008 as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, NFL star Aaron Rodgers has been the stuff of fantasy for many gay men.

Here at GPB, we certainly have developed a fondness for this player. That may sound odd to some because GPB is a Chicago based blog.

FYI: If you’ve watched football for any amount of time, you likely know that Packers fans and Bears fans get along like oil and water.

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That said, Rodgers seems to transcend many of the local rivalries, particularly in gaydom. While LGBTQ folks aren’t a monolithic group, many who identify as gay find Rodgers to be wickedly hot.

So what’s up with this attraction? Why do so many gay men find this player so magnetic? GPB asked a number of its followers on social media this very question to get to the answers.

What follows are the top 7 reasons. Check it out.

Gay Pop File: Aaron Rodgers

Birthday: December 2, 1983, Chico, CA

Zodiac: Sagittarius male [link]

Eye Color: Wicked blue

Height: 6’2

Shoe Size: 12 wide (rumor)


1. The beard

He doesn’t always wear one but when he does, Rodgers’ beard is crazy hot. As one 25-year old gay man shared, “Whenever I see him with stubble, it’s like someone gave me a Viagra.”

2. The eyes

If you’ve never taken a good look into Aaron Rodgers eyes, maybe you should. That’s because they’re a light crystal blue. “It’s like he stares right through you with those babies,” says Mark, a 38-year old gay advertising executive in Chicago.

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3. His Face

At times, Rodgers has a lumbersexual look. But in some pictures, he has a baby face. The attraction to him largely depends upon how you perceive him. “The guy looks like a crazy sexy lumberjack if you ask me,” chimed in Alex, a follower from Indianapolis. “But when he shaves, he looks like a little boy. I’m DTF with both!”

4. Perfect Height

Aaron Rodgers stands at 6’2. For a lot of guys who are attracted to taller men, that’s just the right size. “He’s not too tall, which means he’d be a great big spoon!” shared Eric, a 31-year old pharmacist in Chicago. “I’m 5’10. I’d love to cuddle with him.”

5. The voice

Have you ever heard Aaron Rodgers talk? He’s got a hypnotic baritone voice that’s deeply rich. For some gay men, it’s music to their ears. “The dude just does it for me. I love watching him in interviews – well, listening to him. He’s a manly bear!” said Justin, a fan of GBP is San Diego.

6. The skills

A lot of gay men follow football. Like most people, they have their favorite players. Rodgers is regularly named by a lot of LGBT person’s as their fav because of his skills. “You can’t deny the dude has a golden arm,” says Brian, a writer for GPB who hails from Green Bay. “After [Brett] Farve left, Rodgers stepped in and did amazing.”

7. The package

We’re just going to come out and say it. Aaron Rodgers is the total package. Speaking of package – one website visitor named Henry remarked: “Have you ever seen that man in a pair of blue jeans? He has it going on!”


Wrap Up

Obviously, t other football players who are both skilled and attractive. But there’s just something about Aaron Rodgers that captures the attention of many gay men.

Maybe it’s because he vibes out the whole gentle jock thing? We look forward to seeing him in another season of NFL football.