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GAY POP BUZZ is an affirming, all embracing website for the gay men, built around the power of fun. We are equality and welcome anyone who identifies as LGBTQ.

Our small team of writers focuses on issues that are of importance to gay men and is well known for producing unique, topic focused content.

As a gay couple that has been together for over 25-years, we founded GPB because we wanted to offer an independent voice outside of the mainstream. 

Gay Pop Buzz (GPB for short) is not part of any major magazine, newspaper or other “Gay, Inc” outfit. Yep, everything you see on the site is organic in nature, meaning it was written 100% by one of the contributors to this blog. We maintain what you see here – glitches and all.  

Our readers span the globe and are connected to different retail items, grooming products and services through through trusted website affiliates. Working in tandem, we connect millions of global visitors who are addicted to our optimistic approach to wellness, relationships, celebrity info and self-care.

That’s why when you look around our site, you will notice we touch upon issues that are LGBT-Q themed. Think of this place as a kind of virtual “Gayland” but pretty G-Rated (OK maybe a little PG-13). 

The only money we receive for the work we do is the small amount of compensation (very small) that comes in from organizations who choose to advertise here. In plain speak, we do what we do because we like to write about topics that we think gay men are interested in.

The flavor of GPB is a bit different than other gay focused websites you might see around the net. For example, you won’t see posts on adult video stars. That’s just not our style. What you will find, however, are longer posts and articles that try to surround the story in a meaningful way. 

Under our “Gay Pop Tarts” area, you will discover a number of topics ranging from movie reviews to zodiac information (with a celeb focus) to reader submitted stories to pop culture gossip. You will also notice we focus on men’s grooming and self-care in our lifestyle section.

We also have a special area of the blog called, It Really Happened. The articles you will see here are all reader submitted and share first hand accounts of things that have happened to them in real life. Some are off the wall, some are scary and some are just crazy interesting. 

Gay Pop Buzz is not in the business of outing people. In many cases, fans do not know if the celebrity they are following is gay, straight or bisexual. GPB  attempts to share available information from news sources, published interviews, blogs and other outlets that may shed light into a celebrity’s sexual orientation.

In short, we try to aggregate different news stories and present them to you so that you can draw your own conclusions. We also try to include information that demonstrates if a male celeb is supportive of LGBT issues.

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In many cases, our site helps to dispel rumors and fill vacuums of misinformation with facts. Our site does sometimes offer the opportunity for you to speculate on a listed celebrity’s sexual orientation through a voting widget and discussion area.  In most cases however, the poll will ask you about a G-rated celeb fantasy.  Sometimes a poll will compare different guys for the purpose of fun. 

FYI: A vote of straight, gay or bisexual is an expression of a reader’s personal opinion or an extension of wishful thinking. The site itself is for entertainment purposes. If you are a celebrity and would like to appear on this site, please contact us using the contact form on the menu bar. 

Any comments of intolerance, bigotry or hate-speech will not be tolerated. All comments are welcome provided they are posted in a respectful tone. Please see our official comment policy for more information.

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Disclaimer: Any celebrities listed on this site should consider their listing to be a a fan page. We respect all celebrities and their privacy and only report on information that is already available in the public domain. Please like our blog posts and share with your friends.

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