Scottish Man Arrested In Dubai For Accidentally Touching A Man

Accidentally Touching A Man

A Scottish man is reportedly facing three years behind bars in Dubai for accidentally touching a man’s hip in a bar.

Three months ago, 27-year old electrician Jamie Harron was visiting Dubai and enjoying his time there when things turned extremely sour.

Harron decided to visit a bar and apparently the establishment was very crowded.

In that overcrowded bar, Harron tried not to “bump and spill drinks” as he maneuvered his way in between patrons. Unfortunately, he accidentally touched a man on the hip and was immediately arrested for public indecency and drinking alcohol.

It is illegal to drink alcohol unless in a licensed restaurant and it’s illegal to be drunk in public. That said, it’s unknown if the establishment Harron went to was illegal or if he stopped outside while intoxicated.

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Harron’s case has only now reached the ears of the West and he’s been reportedly fighting those charges ever since then. In that time, Harron has both lost his job and spent over ten thousand euros in legal fees (more exactly, he’s spent at least £30,000 in expenses and legal fees).

Jamie Harron initially spent five days in Al Barsha prison before being released on bail (but his passport was revoked so he couldn’t leave the country).

Then, this past week he was sentenced to 30 more days in jail, because he apparently was assigned a court hearing but neither he nor his lawyer knew about it and thus they both missed it.

While Harron and his defense want the charges dropped before they have to go to trial, it seems that the justice system there is hellbent on persecuting Harron.

There’s no word on what is coming for Jamie Harron’s future next, but if there are any more developments we will keep you informed.

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