Adult Film Star Ali Liam Taken To Jail For Allegedly Murdering His Boyfriend

Al-Muttalaby and Harris / Credit: Facebook

Ali Liam Taken To Jail

We have an update on the Ali Liam story.

Former gay porn star Ali Liam, personally known as Othman Al-Muttalaby, was arrested last month after his boyfriend was found dead.

Al-Muttalaby’s boyfriend, Keith Harris, was found dead of stab wounds in his San Francisco home by his apartment manager, while Al-Muttalaby mysteriously disappeared.

Friends of the couple could not find or reach Al-Muttalaby, which only made him look more suspicious.

Friends and family of Keith Harris then started to point fingers at Al-Muttalaby, and took to his Facebook to claim that the boyfriend was the culprit and murderer. This eventually led to the police arresting Harris as their prime suspect.

Al-Muttalaby and Harris / Credit: Facebook

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Now, according to Str8UpGayPorn (warning: site is NSFW), Al-Muttalaby has been transferred out of a hospital, where he was placed for an involuntary 51/50 psychiatric hold, and has now been moved into a San Francisco jail.

The proceedings for Al-Muttalaby’s trial are still ongoing, but he is currently being charged with first degree murder as well as domestic violence (due to the fact that he lived with the boyfriend that he allegedly murdered).

Bail for Othman Al-Muttalaby is currently set at $10,000,000 and his next court appearance is dated for December 13.

We will keep you updated as the story progresses.