5 Tips For Having an EXPLOSIVE Anal Orgasm!


Are you a bottom man? Do you like getting drilled out by hot guys? Hoping to find some new ways to enhance the experience? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because I’m about to tell you the secret to having an anal orgasm. You read that right man – an anal orgasm. Haven’t you heard? There’s more than one way to get to Vegas.

Are you interested? Then keep reading.

The first thing you need to know is that the inside of your butthole – and all of its inner-workings, are one giant sex organ. Bundled with nerves and connected to your prostate, your anus has the power to make your peen shoot like a firework.

That’s why when riding a man, you must properly prepare. If you are unsure how to do this, checkout this ultimate guide on bottoming for gay men.


You may be wondering what happens when a person experiences an anal orgasm? It’s simple – the entire anus vibrates, causing the prostate to shutter.

When properly timed, the anus and the prostate work in tandem to create an electrifying, mind-blowing squirt. You will know when this is happening because your entire body will shake [multiple times] upon release. Evan after the explosion, “mini-shakes” can occur.

If you’ve ever experienced an anal orgasm, you know exactly what I mean. But here’s the thing– they do not happen often. In fact, the reason they are so powerful is because they are extremely rare.

That said, if you play your cards right, you’ll be biting down hard on your pillow as waves of pleasure wash over you.

Here we go:


Your mind is wired to your anus. Seriously, it is. But it takes more than a neuro-pathways to encourage an anal orgasm. Yep, you’ll need to get brain chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin flowing.

To do this, it’s critical to engage in manly foreplay. While there is no standard timeframe for this, it’s best to do it for at least 15-minutes.

Examples of meaningful foreplay include:


If your goal is to experience an anal orgasm, you’ll need to spend time worshiping your man’s meat. I’m not talking about the standard oral stuff. Sorry, that just won’t do.

Instead, you’ll want to make love to his sausage and do so in a way that gets him to edge. And dear lord … don’t you dare let him jizz. Otherwise, the party is over.

Instead, petrify his wood by using true to form gay BJ techniques. If your skills aren’t so great in this area, read the previously linked hypertext for suggestions.

The firmness of his manhood will matter A LOT when it comes time for you to release – so don’t minimize this tip.


After you’ve got his yum-stick throbbing, it’s time to move on to more intense business. Yep – it’s time for him to work on your gland.

Specifically, I’m talking about having him give you a prostate massage. What’s that – haven’t heard of this? Well now is the time to learn.

A gentle prostate massage will help get the juices flowing and relax your anal wall. It will also stimulate the walnut-sized gland located deep inside your butthole so that when it’s time to fountain, you’ll me LOADED for bear.

This step doesn’t take long. Maybe 5-10 minutes? Again, this is why it is so important to make sure your butt is completely cleaned out. Not even a hint of nastiness can exist, otherwise, it will kill the moment. Make sense?


When the time is right, he’s going to slip in his yum-stick. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, right? But here is the thing – don’t let him jackhammer you.

Yes, this is what most of us want but if your goal is to have an anal orgasm, he’s got to take his time. This means pounding on you for a bit so that you edge (aka edging).

If you aren’t sure what edging term means, read this handy guide from the International Society for Sexual Medicine. The longer you can hold off from releasing, the more likely you are to experience a powerful, substantive moment. Follow me?


This final tip is simple. If possible, try to be on your back when the release (finally) happens. The reason? Simple physics. Yep, we’re talking science.

When you are on your back, your body is in a place of homeostasis. That’s a fancy term used to describe a balanced, natural state. When in this state, all of your systems are working optimally, which empowers a more explosive discharge.

I’m not saying missionary style or riding atop of him won’t work. Both can. But to give yourself the optimal chance of having an anal orgasm, this is the best approach.

Additionally, because your legs are in the air, your prostate and peen are angled in a way that makes gravity work in your favor. Think about it – doesn’t this make sense?


Provided you’ve done everything right, you can expect to have a supercharged explosion. You’ll know this is about to happen because you’ll feel your anus start to vibrate.

Moments later, your sausage will start doing the same thing.

Before you know it, your entire body will go numb. This will be the buildup to massive spraying – everywhere.


Look, I can’t promise you’ll experience an anal orgasm. But I can tell you that if you remember the tips I’ve suggested here, your chances greatly increase.

Finally, it’s important to say that the connection you share with your man is important. Because sex is largely a mental exercise, it helps if your bond is strong.

Here’s to having an amazing experience. Thanks for reading!