Do Anal Numbing Lubes Help Bottoms Ride Monsters?

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Learn about anal numbing lube

Are you curious about anal numbing lube? Ever wonder how desensitizing creams can help you ride larger, thicker men? Have you heard things about these products but remain skeptical?

If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone. With so many lubricants on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for personal needs.

I’m a bottom who enjoys riding super big whenever I get a chance. That doesn’t mean I’m not down with other sizes. I am.  But if given a choice, thicker and longer is always my preference.

The essential question is: Do anal numbing lubes work? It’s a perfectly natural think to ask when you think about it. Given interest in this topic, I felt inspired to pen this post.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What numbing lubes are
  • Why some bottoms reach for lubes that numb
  • What chemicals are used in numbing lubes?
  • Do numbing lubes work?
  • The pros of using numbing lubes
  • The cons of using these products
  • Natural numbing alternatives
  • How a silicone anal relaxer works in a video

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Why bottoms reach for numbing lubes?

Gay and bisexual men who are new to bottoming often reach for numbing lubes as a way of breaking themselves in. But sometimes, the top will recommend use of a product if they happen to be large.

One of my first boyfriends had an extremely thick peen, which made it difficult for riding. As a way of helping me adjust, he suggested we try a numbing lube.

After he squirted a good-sized amount up my hole with a specialized lube launcher, I was better able to handle his largeness.

What are numbing lubes?

A numbering lube is a product that usually contains a chemical agent designed to desensitize the anal wall so that the person being penetrated experiences less pain and discomfort.

The vast majority of these lubes are water based. That’s because the chemical properties of the desensitizing agent(s) are most soluble in h20; made of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

What chemicals are used?

Typically, the added ingredient is benzocaine; a topical agent that temporarily blocks nerve signals. Lidocaine is also used in some products (Weinstein, 2004).

Benzocaine was synthesized in 1890 by the German chemist Eduard Ritsert. Since that time, it’s been used in a variety over the counter products, including throat lozenges, topical oral gels to kill pain and sun burn sprays.

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Do numbing lubes for anal work?

The short answer to that question is yes. That said, they don’t always have the same effect on everyone. If you are a gay man that is new to bottoming, numbing lubes may help ease anal pain.

I’d like to point that it’s not all flowers and ponies.

You see, the chemicals inside of the lube that help block pain also block pleasure. So if you are hoping to experience the true joy of being topped, the sensations may be dulled by one of these products.

There are some lubes that contain more of the numbing agent then others. I’ve seen products that contain 1% lidocaine and others with 5% benzocaine.

You can buy these at many specialty shops or online at places like Amazon.

Pros of anal numbing lubes:

To keep it real, there are some pros to using numbing lubes. Here are just a few:

  • Great for first time bottoms
  • Helpful when bottoming for a super sized monster
  • Useful product for anal lube shooters
  • Usually safe
  • Can enhance intimacy

Cons of anal numbing lubes:

Just like there are good things about numbing lubes, there’s also some bad things.

  • A guy’s penis will become numb if he gets numbing lube on his meat
  • May prevent a bottom’s ability to detect something harmful, like a rip or tear on outer anal wall.
  • Some people have an allergic reaction to the numbing chemicals
  • Loss of sensation during the riding part of bottoming, thereby taking away from pleasure
  • Numbs the mouth, which can happen if lube is used as part of gay BJ fun and oral fun.

Natural anal numbing alternatives

Believe it or not, there are natural alternatives to chemical numbing lubes on the market. Speaking for myself, I’ve found silicone based products to be the best.

An example can be found in Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant. The reason I like this one is because it contains an anal relaxer and not a chemical numbing agent.

The relaxer is derived from the jojoba plant containing bio-natural infusers that help to relax the anal wall.

I’ve tried other products but they all seem to clump up. That’s not the case with Pjur’s product line.

I’ve put up a video below to help explain more about Pjur.

Getting your hands on this lube can be a challenge because it’s not always carried by retailers. I personally buy several bottles online and keep them around so I don’t run out. See Amazon for pricing.

Wrap Up

The decision to use a numbing lube is personal in nature. As a gay man who bottoms, I completely understand the allure of these products.

Hopefully, the information presented here will help you make the wisest choice for your sexual needs. Thanks for taking the time to read.


Weinstein, R. (2004). The Solubility of Benzocaine, Lidocaine, and Procaine in Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide. Journal of Chemical Engineering Data, 547-552.

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