Andrew Christian Shared Tom Daley’s Leaked Pics

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Andrew Christian Shared Tom Daley’s Leaked Pics

Underwear brand Andrew Christian just sunk pretty low in their latest marketing stunt.

The underwear company, with a strong gay focus and following, decided that their latest email blast would make a big splash if they included Tom Daley’s leaked pictures.

We shared with you just a couple days ago that Tom Daley was not happy to find pictures of him laying naked in bed going viral across the internet.

It looks like someone at Andrew Christian, who’s classy as ever, thought they would get some attention for the brand using these pics.

The email included some blurred out preview shots of the Tom Daley pictures. Then below that, there was a link sending readers to uncensored pictures.

As you can imagine, several people were taken aback by the brazen marketing ploy.

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Sex educator Amp of Watts The Safeword said on Twitter:

“This is disgusting. You don’t use someone’s leaked nudes as a marketing tool. Never again will I purchase from a company that undermines someone’s privacy in such a way. The gay community should be better than that.”

Another Twitter user posted:

“I’ll probably get slandered, but Andrew Christian emailing their entire database with Tom Daley’s nudes has got to be the lowest point of 2018 so far.”

After all the backlash, and probably lawyers threatening to sue in the background, Andrew Christian quickly deleted the page where they were hosting the pictures.

But hey, they got other people talking about them. It only took digitally attacking another gay man in order to do it.


  1. Shock…Disgusting…how dare they…oh wait..”We shared with you just a couple days ago”…. hypocritical much?

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