5 Health Benefits of Apple Cider for Thirsty Bottoms!

hot guy drinking coffee, tea, cider

Gay bottoms may benefit from drinking this warm and wonderful drink!

During fall, many of us reach for apple cider because it goes with the season. But did you know this beverage also holds several health benefits?

It sure does – and it’s an amazing drink for hungry bottoms! I should know. I ride guys every chance I get!

Now hear me out because I’m going to share insight that you’ll get nowhere else. Are you with me? Here it goes.

For centuries, people have drunk apple cider because of its healing powers. No, it’s not going to cure you of lifelong IBS. But it may ameliorate symptoms.

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It’s also great for reducing bloat, soothing the digestive track, and decreasing overall stress. In case you don’t know, apple cider is made from the juice that’s extracted from the pulp of pureed apples.

Apple cider – yum!

The medicinal benefits of apples and apple cider are derived from the fruit’s phytochemicals. Phenolics, flavonoids and carotenoids are thought to play a key role in minimizing instances of some chronic diseases, per a study published in the May 2004 issue of “Nutrition Journal.”

If you enjoy bottoming as much as I do, here’s five reasons you should drink apple cider. No joke!


1. Reduces constipation

There’s nothing worse than having to say no to a top because of intestinal swelling. If you’ve ever been backed up, you know exactly what I mean.

That’s where apple cider comes in!

The research tells us that it’s a natural cure for constipation. This is particularly true when the cider is warm. Because of its pectin content (a soluble fiber), the bio-polymer assists the bowels in collecting and excreting waste.

If you want to keep yourself regular, reach for at least one cup a day! Here’s some other tips for constipation if you struggle with this issue.

2. Good for weight loss

Are you trying to keep the weight off? Not wanting your top man to grab onto massive love handles? If the answer is yes, you need to reach for apple cider. Here’s why!

Case studies and the personal anecdotes of many people trying to lose weight have demonstrated the drink wards off weight. Some folks believe the bacteria and acids in the cider may help speed metabolism.

Obviously, more research needs to be done but here’s an article from Dr. Oz that explores the topic more.

3. Reduces butthole stink

Not too long ago, we ran a piece about how your butthole is supposed to smell (see link). Believe it or not, some people develop a condition called odor fatigue!

If you’ve ever had a top back away because he sensed nastiness coming from your bod, you need to start downing apple cider. Here’s why.

Research tells us that cider works to adjust the pH levels in the skin of people who ingest it regularly.

In turn, this reduces the number of odor-causing bacteria, thereby easing butthole stank. Apple cider has worked for some from the inside-out after prolonged use, and for others, applying diluted apple cider vinegar directly to the anus with a cloth.

4. Helps with monsters

Have you ever had a huge guy top you without using lots of lube? Were there other times when it seemed like an entire bottle was required?

That wasn’t by happenstance. Contrary to widespread belief, the anus is incapable of self-lubricating. That said, it can open very wide when in a relaxed state.

That’s where apple cider comes in once again!

Used as a muscle relaxant for centuries, the beverage is known to calm and relax. This can help you when taking on monster sized tops who may be hard to fit in.

I personally sip on a cup a good hour before a thick one comes over. Works every time!

5 Helps IBS

Historically, antispasmodics and fiber have been used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Recent scientific research suggests that apple cider may help ameliorate symptoms.

For reasons that are not fully understood, it is thought that the cider acts as an intestinal relaxant, allowing the gut system to “reset”.

In turn, this empowers healthier, more productive stool creation.

If you’ve got IBS, this may be just the drink the doctor ordered! Why not try something natural?

Wrap Up

Obviously, if you have any type of digestive problems, you should advise your physician.

If you are open to using apple cider to help you with your sexual health, here’s a good non-alcoholic recipe from Genius Kitchen that I personally use.

I hope you found what I’ve shared here useful. Drink up baby!

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