Artist Creates T-Shirt to Raise Awareness About LGBT Chechnya Evacuations


Raising Awareness of Chechen Gay Purge

When artist Paul Richmond learned that gay and bisexual men are being rounded up and held in torture camps in Chechnya, he started working on a t-shirt design to help raise money for evacuation efforts.

“Why aren’t we hearing more about this from our politicians and news media?” asks Richmond.

Over a hundred men have been arrested and there have been three reported deaths.

“We all have to take a stand, even if our leaders have better things to do. If we don’t, how can we expect anyone to stand up for us?”

Richmond partnered with Traxler Tees to produce the shirt, which features a pink triangle – the Nazi symbol used to identify gay prisoners – as the basis for the design. The statement “Never Again” is used as a call to action that viewers learn from history and refuse to allow the atrocities of the holocaust to be repeated.

100% of the proceeds from sales of the shirt are being donated to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps LGBT people around the world escape violence and persecution.

They are working with the Russian LGBT Network to provide direct travel assistance for endangered individuals in Chechnya. Just today, they announced five more have been flown to safety.

The shirts are available for $25.00 at Traxler Tees, and for a limited time, get free shipping with the code LOVEYOU.

Chechnya Awareness T-Shirt

In a YouTube video posted today, Richmond says, “Lives are at stake and if we all do our part, we can make a difference.”

Order the shirt online, visit this website.

To donate directly to Rainbow Railroad, visit their website.

To learn more about helping LGBT people in Chechnya, click here.