Axel Kane Is The Asian Top Gay Porn Deserves

Axel Kane Is The Asian Top We Deserve

Can we talk about how much I love Axel Kane? Ok, I’ll do so for the next few paragraphs.

If you don’t know, Axel Kane is a new porn star who arrived on the scene a few months ago. Since then, he has become very prolific in the short amount of time that he’s been around.

Not only has Axel starred in several porn scenes, but he’s also worked with many different studios. From (warning: all links go to Not Safe For Work sites) NextDoorStudios, to Broke Straight Boys, to, to Fraternity X, and Reality Dudes.

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The 24-year-old has already made a splash in the industry and could become one of the next big mainstays in the business. It helps that not only does he have an amazing muscular body (His stats are 6.0 feet (183cm) tall, 195 lbs, 11 US (45 Eu) shoe size, and 6.5 (17cm) dick size), but behind the scenes clips show that he has a charismatic personality as well.

While yes, Kane is straight and only gay-for-pay, there’s also a great amount of good that his presence can do for the industry.

Case and point, this writer discovered him recently through an interracial video he did for Broke Straight Boys. That video saw Axel Kane working with fellow newcomer Buddy Wild (both men entered the porn industry around April of this year).

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Not only was the video hot because of the two hot and insanely muscular men, but it was hot because of the very fact that you had an Asian man (Kane is part Asian and part White, but go with me here) topping a black man.

Usually, we see Asian men playing as bottoms in the White driven porn industry, and the same for black men having to always play tops in interracial scenes. It was refreshing and hot to see those roles reversed.

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It’s also refreshing to see that Axel Kane has remained a top in most (if not all) of his scenes. Yet, there are many people in the comments of every porn site that say they want to see Axel get topped.

Don’t get me wrong, I see how great of an ass Axel Kane has, and will welcome a bottoming scene if that’s what he wants. But, I LOVE that Axel is an Asian top working his way to the top of the industry.

While there’s always the Japanese porn market, Chinese/Korean amateur porn, a few lesser famed Asian bottoms, and the Asian focused studio Peter Fever, there’s yet to be an Asian man to make it big in the gay porn industry as a top. Maybe Axel Kane will be the one.

This man is hot, what this man is doing is hot, and I hope he’ll keep blazing a hot trail for himself and Asian men in the future.

Let’s celebrate the hotness that is Axel Kane.