I’m Using Disposable Hand Warmers To Keep My Balls Toasty!

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They feel amazing in the cold!

If you are located anywhere on the east coast or Midwest, you probably have been freezing your tail off since the middle of December.

As I write this post now from Chicago, the current temperature outside is hovering around zero – with a wind chill of twenty below.

In the past, I’ve written about the frigid temps and the importance of skin care. For example, last year I shared with folks how to winterize your penis.

Given how cold it is outside, I thought I’d pass on to you something a buddy shared with me that is kind of amazing. But before we go there, I have a question:

Do your balls feel like they are freezing off in winter?

Oh man, I can only speak for myself but with weather like this, mine sure do. If I am out in the elements for more than half an hour, they transform into icicles.

I’m asking you this because it directly relates to what I am about to share. Long story short, I’ve been using disposable hand-warmers to heat my nutsack.

For real – no BS!

I learned about it from my buddy just before Christmas. We were at Walgreens, picking up some holiday wrap. At the checkout register, they had a box of these packets called … Hot Hands.

That’s when my friend passed on the info.

Here’s what he told me.

“I unwrap one packet from the pouch and shake it up. Then, I stick it under my nutsack. The jockstrap I put on keeps everything in place. When I am outside in the cold, I don’t worry about sh—t!”

At first, I thought he was full of crap but it turns out he was being serious. How do I know? Because when we got back to his place, he showed me.

Not long after coming into this information, I decided to call no joy and give it a try. Shoot, if it works on your hands, why wouldn’t they work on your balls?

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Let me tell you – ever since I’ve been using these tiny little pads, my nuts have never felt warmer – or better! Not only do they feel amazing, they also help to keep my entire crotch warm.

Now if you decide to try them, it might help to use tape to secure the pad. But if you put on a jockstrap, things should be just fine.

Like I said, you can get these at Walgreens or almost any drugstore. Amazon carries them too.

Oh, and they last up to four hours. Hey, you need something to get through these frigid temps, right? Give it a try and see how you like.