Adult Film Star Beaux Banks Talks Racism In The Industry

Beaux Banks Talks Racism In Porn

We all know that the porn industry is racist, or at least plays into racist stereotypes, but what’s it like to be a man of color working in that industry?

The Sword was also curious about this topic and decided to act on it. Hanlan from the Sword reached out to gay porn star Beaux Banks to get his perspective on being a man of color in the gay porn industry.

Banks, who is part Black, Asian, and Caucasian, shares that black porn models are often sidelined into “urban” corners and are mostly known for work inside of that. Only a few black performers get to work with more mainstream (and mostly white) studios, and are then often fetishized into just being BBC (as Max Konnor complained about in January).

Even worse, Black men are then often criticized for not appearing more in mainstream (white) studio work and their accomplishments are then discredited.

“When another model who is well known, Jake Bass, went to twitter a few months ago and challenged the relevance of Black Performers, no media spoke up against him and challenged that example of systemic racism in our industry. It amazes me that a tattoo is garnering this kind of attention. But a direct example of racist thoughts in the industry so easily went under the radar.”

(Now that its on my radar, I’ll be writing a second article solely on that Jake Bass twitter thread later).

But that’s not the end of Beaux Banks’s talk with The Sword. The Sword also wanted to hear Banks’s thoughts on performing with gay porn newcomer Brian Michaels.

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Michaels has caused a stir because of a confederate flag tattoo on his left hand, but he says he got it while he was in prison and he now regrets it.

“I will be honest and say I got it in prison because I adapted to my situation. I hope a past mistake won’t hinder my self-growth through all of this. I just wanted to say that I was ignorant and led astray for a while.”

Beaux Banks also shared that Michaels seems sincere in his regret towards the tattoo, and says this isn’t a battle that needs fighting.

“I didn’t even notice the tattoo while shooting. But I can say he came to set and was very professional especially for it being only the second scene of his career. He was also very respectful, other than that I don’t know much about him and can only speak on what I saw and witnessed on set, a very humble and respectful newcomer. He was a joy to work with and never disrespected me.”

“I’ve spoken out on racism in this industry and within our community and I don’t think that this is an example of that.”

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Ultimately, we’ve learned a few things from the Sword’s talk with Beaux Banks.

First, sometimes there are battles that don’t need to be fought. We don’t need to raise our fists at every little thing. If we can hold ourselves off from being so reactionary, we can try to understand and see things for what they truly are like Michael’s remorse at a past act.

Next, we need to recognize the wrongdoings that the porn industry continues to do towards porn performers of color. From subjugating them to stereotypical roles to ostracizing them to separate corners of the industry. Then, those circumstances are completely forgotten when talk of career accomplishments come up.

Lastly, the Sword article shone a light on a past conversation that needs to be focused on. Jake Bass acted irresponsibly in that twitter thread and we need to talk about that more. But, that’s a conversation for another article.

h/t: The Sword