Blindfolded Men Promised Anonymous Sex End Up on Adult Film Site


The men thought they were meeting a “real heterosexual female”

There is an interesting story out of Miami this morning that will make you think twice about submitting to some of those more kinky requests you may be getting online or on the apps.

The Miami Herald is reporting that men, believing they were hooking up with a “real, heterosexual female” via Craigslist ads for some anonymous, kinky fun, were actually getting it on with a 33-year-old guy who was secretly filming everything going on for an adult website.

According to the Herald’s story, the victims would meet on the internet and then drive over to the home in South Miama-Dade for an anonymous sexual encounter with a “bored military housewife.”

Apparently, the guys agreed in advance to be blindfolded blindfolded or wear blackout goggles.

What they didn’t realize was the ‘bored housewife’ was actually 33-year-old Bryan Deneumostier who, once the men were unable to see and had their hands tied to a chair, would perform various sex acts like oral sex and record the episodes for a website called “Straightboyz.”

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If the men inquired about any kind of recording or photo capturing going on, Deneumostier assured his victims the that as the wife of an army soldier, “she” would never do that.

Local police estimate that over at least a 4-year period, Deneumostier recorded and uploaded at least 600 videos to the website. The site is no longer up, but the videos have since been uploaded to various porn aggregator sites.

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Copssay it’s difficult to ascertain how many of the participants in the videos were victims who never knew their sexual rendezvous was being recorded.

Deneumostier has been charged with two counts of illegal interception of oral communication, and three counts record-keeping violations.

But there is more on Bryan Deneumostier and it’s not good.

Earlier this month, cops found him in a hotel room with an underage boy who had previously been reported missing.

After seeing leather handcuffs, lube and other “toys” in the room, Deneumostier admitted to having sex with the boy after giving him alcohol and drugs.

h/t: Miami Herald