What It’s Like Hooking Up with a Bossy Bottom

bossy bottom man

Bossy bottoms and total tops

The other day, I hooked up with a guy who identified himself as a total bottom. His name is Nate*. Super handsome dude with a bubble butt that went on for days.

Before he came over, we asked each other the questions most gay men do.

  • What are you into?
  • How large?
  • Any limits?
  • Turn ons/Turn offs?

As we chatted back and forth, Nate seemed super chill. He had a sense of humor and wasn’t into PNP (no judgment, just not my scene).

During that pre-hook up discussion, I shared with him that I’m a total top. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t do other things. I most certainly will.

Mutual oral, body worship and kissing are completely fine. Maybe you like those activities, too?

At any rate, I invited him over. Once he arrived, I must say the man looked way better than his pics. Always a pleasant surprise when this happens, don’t you think?

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Once we started to play, I noticed that Nate’s sweet demeanor began to fade. It’s hard to describe but he transformed from this laid-back guy into a super bossy bottom.

I swear to you it was like he became another person.

Here’s a sampling of things he said:

Do it this way bi–!

F—- me harder, now!

I didn’t tell you to stop, did I?

Can’t you do better than that?

Breed me bi–!

F—- my man (starts with a c, rhymes with stunt)

Can I be real? The minute he called me the b-word it kind of turned me off. Not that I’m a hyper-masculine guy. I’m not. But referring to me that way just wasn’t cool.

Second and probably most important is that as a top, I like to be in control. Don’t get me wrong – an interactive bottom is awesome. I’m even DTF with power bottoms.

Just don’t order me around.

Our session ended when I asked Nate to scooch up a notch on the bed for better positioning (he was on his back). That’s when he said to me: Stop talking and just truck me (replace the T with an F).

When I told him things weren’t working out, he looked kind of stunned. While getting dressed, I could sense his persona was slipping back into the Nate I had originally met.

What is something I said?

I’m not one to lie so I just told him the truth. He was way too bossy. And yes, I used that word.

After sharing this, I could see it just didn’t resonate. He accused me of not being comfortable with aggressive men. “Just because I’m the bottom doesn’t mean you are in control,” he said.

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Well, he might be right – who knows. But that doesn’t mean I’m cool with being called names and ordered around like some type of sex robot.

I wonder if there is a way to screen for bossy bottoms before meeting? I mean what are you supposed to do – ask them on the chat if they like to be in charge?

Seems kind of silly, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’ll have to be more careful the next time I hook up. Oh, did I mention that Nate blocked me?

Yep, he did.