Botox for Your Wrinkly Balls: Requests On the Rise! (Report)

botox balls

Botox “scrotum lifts” are the new thing!

Just want you thought you have heard everything, along comes a bit of news that just makes you go …hmmm.

According to a news report, there has been a sizable increase in the number of men who are requesting injections for Botox into their ball-sack.

Seriously – we’re not kidding.

The name of the cosmetic procedure is called “Scrotox” and going by the information, it appears guys are banging down the doors of their doctor’s office to get needles stuck into their sack.

The benefit of Botox injections to the scrotum are reportedly threefold:

1 Gets rid of the fine lines that gather around the sack.

2 Supposedly makes the person’s balls appear “bigger”

3 Decrease overall sweating

Credit: Metro

According to the Sun:

“It is already a staple on the menu at clinics across the US, and with the UK around three years behind the plastic surgery times, experts say they expect to see a surge in interest in the coming years.”

In recent years, scientists have been inventing all sorts of procedures for men to enhance the appearance of their private parts.

An example can be found in a new type of injection that promises to increase length and size of the penis to mammoth proportions, using a filler type substance.

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Wirth Plastic Surgery says that “many cyclists and runners love getting the Botox in this area to relieve them from skin irritations caused from excess sweating and rubbing…it’s just as important as facial rejuvenation.”

Men who opt for the injections are encouraged to weight their options and examine personal expectations. Apparently, the results are subtler than one might think.

Botox injections aren’t always cheap. In the UK, the going rate for the scrotal lift will set you back a few thousand U.S. dollars.

Will you be getting your berries injected? 🙂

  • D. Marsh

    Sounds painful, expensive and unnecessary.

  • bubut11

    Who in their right mind would want needles poking into their nut sacs? If its sweating and odor that bothers you, there’s ToppCock male hygiene gel. It is a safer, cheaper and painless solution.