Boxer Robbie Gaine Compares His Manhood to a Beer Bottle (NSFW)

robbie gaine boxer

Boxer Robbie Gaine and the beer bottle

Boxers are so cute – particularly when they whip out major assets to prove they are beer bottle sized. Oh, didn’t you hear? Robbie Gaine did just that!

Not familiar with him? That’s OK, we’ve got you covered.

Robbie is from Garden City, Flintshire, England. He received a bit of press in the not so distant past when he was on vacation with friends and his pals decided to go check out the lions, tigers, leopards and elephants at the zoo.

Credit: Daily Mail
Credit: Daily Mail

For whatever reason, Robbie thought it would be a smart idea to get into the cage with a 400 lb lion. Then, suddenly, the lion turned on him! Maybe that’s why they tell people at most zoos not to get too close to the cages?

The only reason Robbie didn’t get eaten was because it was attached to a chain.

The entire affair was caught on tape and published in the Daily Mail. Here is a quote from the story:

“The footage, caught on camera by pal Cameron Halfpenny, shows Robbie casually chatting to the camera and describing himself as a ‘fat Steve Irwin’ when the 180 kilo cat turned on him.

A visibly-shaken Robbie fled to the nearest exit, inadvertently riling the fierce creature as he strayed onto his territory.

Voices can be heard urging him to get out of the lion’s lair and back into the main cage where the annoyed creature stood as Robbie shakes his head and says ‘I can’t walk past that’.

Robbie said: ‘The chain holding the lion is so thin I wouldn’t lock my bike up with it – they are powerful creatures.”

OK, so what about his beer bottle size stuff? Well, in the past, Robbie taken to Twitter and bragged about the size of it. And it turns out, upon looking at his leaked NSFW pics where he literally uses a beer bottle as a visual prop, he’s got it going on!

WOW! We wish Chris Evans would do this some time 🙂

If you want to check it out yourself, you can. We can’t publish the pics but we can give you the link. Be sure to click on “Proceed to this site” after the initial landing page.

NSFW Link to Robbie the Boxer and his beer bottle prop.

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