Your Jaw Will Drop When You See Bromans Star Brandon Myers’s Weapon

Bromans Star Brandon Myers

We’ve talked about Brandon Myers before. In fact, we’ve talked about him twice already.

So, this time, we won’t do much talking about Myers. Instead, we’re just going to share with you a whole bunch of pictures of the hot stud so that you can learn all that you need with your eyes.

And of course, you can get even more of him when you see him on your tv screens soon. Remember that new British reality show Bromans that we talked about recently? The one about a bunch of hot guys dressing up like they’re in Ancient Rome and fighting each other? Myers will be a part of that.

So, if you want to check out this hot guy before you see him on Bromans, see more of him down below.

@itv2 #BROMANS starting.. 3 DAYS!!!! 9pm Thursday 💥 Ima bring it 😏

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In my lane

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Big announcement tomorrow, stay tuned. 👊🏽

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Always looking ahead, don't look back.

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Get me back to hot weather and beaches 🌴💦

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Views in my @acescouture snapback, they have got 30% off!! 💸 #payday

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Now, all the photos above show Brandon being the same kind of thirst trap that you can find all over the internet (just look through our Instagram Studs tag for yourself). But, there are some NSFW stuff of him too.

Like, this promo video from the time Brandon did a solo adult film.

Pissed off that the above link is only a teaser vid and doesn’t show his masterpiece as work? Well, you can check out his big pecker at this NSFW link here. Or, you can check it out at this NSFW link here. Happy now?

Now question is, how will it look in a Roman style loin cloth.