“Holy Full-Frontal!” New Batman Comic Shows Bruce Wayne’s Bat Stick

Bruce Wayne’s Bat Stick On Display

Batman’s nude in a new comic issue!

That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong. Batman goes full-frontal in an official DC comics publication.

Back in March, DC comics announced that they were creating a mature section of the franchise. They wanted to entice all kinds of comic writers and artists to come work for them, so they created the DC Black Label division. This division would be marked as 18+ and would then allow the creative leads to work without limits or censorship.

Of course, many of us hoped, wished, and prayed that this would mean we’d get official DC comics with more graphic sexy scenes. Now that the first issue of Batman’s Damned has released, we know that our prayers have been answered.

In the inaugural publication, we get the first issue of BATMAN: DAMNED.

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The story follows bats in the aftermath of the comic Joker, which was created by the same writer/artist named Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo.

As the official comic description describes:

“The Joker is dead. There is no doubt about that. But whether Batman finally snapped his scrawny neck or some other sinister force in Gotham City did the deed is still a mystery. Problem is, Batman can’t remember…and the more he digs into this labyrinthian case, the more his mind starts to doubt everything he’s uncovering. So who better to set him straight than…John Constantine? Problem with that is as much as John loves a good mystery, he loves messing with people’s heads even more. So with John’s “help,” the pair will delve into the sordid underbelly of Gotham as they race toward the mind-blowing truth of who murdered The Joker. BATMAN: DAMNED is a bimonthly super-natural horror story told by two of comics’ greatest modern creators—a visceral thrill-ride that proudly puts the “black” in BLACK LABEL.”

But it’s not a supernatural Batman story that’s gotten everyone talking. It’s the fact that the comic depicted full-frontal nudity batman for the first time… kind of.

The pictures of the scene show Batman undressing in the batcave. While we do see some delicious outlines of the batcock, they are heavily shadowed due to the dark cave lighting.

That said, we do get Batt-butt in all it’s well-lit glory.

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But why is Batman undressing in the first place?

At the start of the story, Batman had been stabbed multiple times after his archenemy’s death. That said, he wakes up in John Constantine’s apartment fully healed and with voices in his head. He’s clearly not in a right state of mind, so ripping off all your clothes as soon as you gets home makes sense.

But does this NSFW scene mean all comics in the DC Black Label will include nude shots? Probably not. But, we now know the option is on the table. Let’s hope future comic artists decided to bite.

Again, if you want to see the full-frontal shots, click this link here.