How to Get a Bubble Butt: 7 Exercises to Shape Your Buns Round!

bubble butt

If you want a bubble butt, you have to work for it

There’s just something about a bubble butt that makes most men go nuts. Don’t you find yourself staring at a nice piece of tail as it walks down the street?

Some people think bubble butts activate a primal instinct, causing onlookers (usually men) to get extremely worked up. A careful examination of the scientific research suggests this could very well be the case.

The truth is, most of us aren’t blessed with a bubbleicious behind – at least not the type we pine after. Much of what makes up the hotness of a guy’s backside relates to genetics. Perhaps this is why so many men reach for implants?

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But what if your butt isn’t round? Can you really do anything about it? The answer is absolutely yes! However, creating your dream bubble butt requires a bit of work.

This means doing some exercises at the gym and at home. Let’s face it, anything worth having in life requires effort.

In this article, we’ll give you 7 simple exercises you can do to sculpt the butt of your dreams. However, it’s important to know a little something about your gluteus muscles before continuing.

Bubble Butt Muscles

You may not know this, but your behind is made up of three specific muscle groups. These include:

  • The Gluteus Maximus (Curve of Butt)
  • The Gluteus Medius (Side of Butt)
  • The Gluteus Minimus (Inner of Butt)
butt muscles bubble butt
Bubble Butt Muscles

Your gluteus maximus is the largest butt muscle. The core of type I fibers rests in the upper thigh of your backside.

The gluteus medius spreads across your side cheeks. Smaller than the gluteus maximus, it acts as a band across the plain of your seat.

The gluteus minimus radiates from your crack outward. These muscles go largely unseen. They are important for training none the less if your goal is to create a rounded shape.

1. Glute Bridges

These are great for giving your butt a strong, curved shape. Like the previous exercise, you can do these at the gym or at home. Try doing these five days a week, two times a day.

  1. Lay on your back using a padded matt or the bare floor.
  2. Make sure your feet are resting at hip width with your knees bent.
  3. Slowly contract your ab muscles to flatten your lower back to the floor.
  4. Try to maintain this muscle contraction throughout exercise.
  5. While exhaling, lift your hips off the floor and squeeze your glutes.
  6. Now inhaling, lower your hips downward, back to the floor.

2. Glute Squeeze

You can do these exercises at the gym or in the privacy of your own home. Try to include these five out of 7 days of the week for a period of 45 minutes to one hour.

  1. Standing up erect, squeeze your cheeks together for a count of 10.
  2. Release and mindfully allow yourself to feel the gluteus medius and maximus muscles.
  3. Squat occasionally to relax the muscles in between squeezes.

Works out gluteus and medius glute muscles.

3. Forward Rotation Lunge

Rotation lunges are excellent for shaping the gluteus medius muscles. This one is usually done at the gym because it involves a dumbbell or medicine ball. Try doing these three times a week with 10-15 reps.

  1. Stand straight with your arms extended holding a 5-15-pound dumbbell by the ends with both hands.
  2. Make sure your feet are spread hip-width apart.
  3. Take a big step forward with your left foot and brace your abs.
  4. Bend your left knee to the floor and twist 90 degrees.
  5. While still on bended knee, twist back to the center and then push off with your left foot.
  6. Stand back up to starting position
  7. Repeat with right footstep forward.

Works out gluteus and minimus muscles.

3. Goblet Squat

You will want to do this one at the gym because it involves weights. Use a low weight to start out with, like 10lbs. Try doing this 2-3x a week at a set of 2 sets with 10 reps.

  1.  Grab a light weight. (dumbbell, kettle bell, weight plate)
  2.  Hold the weight in your hands in line with your torso and collar bone.
  3.  While standing tall and your feet hip width apart, lower yourself as if you are about to sit back in a chair. Your goal is to try and squat 90 degrees or below.
  4.  Push up using your heels and squeeze your glute muscles hard as you return to the starting position.

Works all major gluteus muscles.

4. Lying Leg Curl

This is another bubble butt exercise that will require you visit the gym. Try doing these two times a week at 2 sets with 8-10 reps.

1. Lay down on a leg curl machine, preferably an angled one to reduce pressure on your back.

2. Start out with a light weight. The goal is get in the full range of motion in the beginning.

3. Grab the handle bars in front to support yourself.

4. Make sure your toes are fully extended and your toes straight.

5. Without lifting your legs, curl your legs upwards as far as you can.

6. At the end of the curl, squeeze your glutes firmly and feel the burn.

7. Take a deep breath and slowly return to the starting position.

Works out gluteus maximus and medius muscles.

5. Single Arm Kettle Bell Reverse Lunge

You will want to do this one at the gym, unless you have a kettle bell at home. Try doing these 2-3 times a week with 10 reps in two sets.

1. Grab a light weight kettle bell and place in left hand.

2. Step backwards with your left foot and lower your body until your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.

3. Squeeze during the upward position.

Works out gluteus maximum and medius muscles.

5. Walking 45 Degree Lunges

Walking lunges are a super effective way of creating strong bubble butt muscles. You will need some space to do this one, like a stretching area or gym floor. Do these two times a week.

1. Like a traditional lunge, literally “lunge” forward at the hip area, reaching to the floor directly in front of you

2. Push through with your front heel as you stand up

3. Contract your glutes as you extend upwards

6. Lateral Shuffle

The lateral shuffle is a hybrid type exercise that has a plyometric base. You can do this one at home or the gym. Try doing these two times a week at a two sets with four reps.

For added resistance, you can do these with a band.

1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart.

2. Bend into a squat with your knees over ankles.

3. Step to the side with your right foot, keeping your knees bent in the squat position.

4. Take a step with your left foot and return to the starting position.

5. Keep walking sideways, taking 10-steps to the right and then 10-steps to the left.

Works out all three gluteus muscle groups.

7. Dumbbell Side Lunge

These are great for working out the sides of your glutes. Use a light weight when you first start doing these and progressively add more as time goes on. Try doing these 1-2 times a week with two sets and 10-15 reps.

1. Hold a light to moderate weight, like a barbell or kettle bell.

2. Take a big step to your left and sit back until your left thigh is parallel to the floor.

3. Push through your left heel while squeezing your left glute.

4. Return to start position and alternate to the right side.

Works gluteus medius muscles big time. Also good for thighs.

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By: John Hollywood