Buzz Cap + Swallowing in the Roman Army!

Welcome to our monthly cap of posts at GPB! What follows is a quick rundown of stories that readers just like you found interesting during the month of April 2018.

It seems like the weather is starting to heat up – finally. Hopefully, things will continue to improve as we move deeper into spring – and closer to summer!

Before we dive into the posts, GPB would like to take a moment to thank the bloggers who write the posts you see on this site.

Here’s a dirty little secret – blogging in the LGBTQ niche is tuff. Not only is it highly competitive, the “space” itself requires keen insight into what our community wants to read.

Most people who blog (at GPB and elsewhere) do so on a very part-time basis. Moreover, compensation is – well – not that great.

You may be wondering why? It’s simple. As more and more of the mainstream websites continue to expand their content to include LGBTQ material, the “gay niche” becomes less of a niche.

If you have time, be sure to read Frank Bruni’s recent article in the NYT. He does a marvelous job of explaining what is going on with gay identity in only the way Frank can.

For our part, we just want to thank the folks who write for us We’d also like to thank you – the reader – for allowing GPB to be part of your life.

OK, let’s move on to the cap.

1. Will male robots sexually assault their owners?

If you can believe it, some people are raising very real concerns about the prospect of male sex robots raping their owners. We’re not making this up. Be sure to check out the story hyperlinked above to learn more.

2. Male celebs who love their gay brothers

Have you ever wondered if one of your favorite celebrities has a gay sibling? Curious about the nature of their relationship? If so, you will love our post that explores celebs who love their gay bros!

3. We’re gagging on Chris Evans!

If you are like a lot of readers, you are probably a big fan of Chris Evans. And so, when one of our bloggers wrote about gagging on this Avenger’s butt, it resonated with many. If you are looking for something vapid, shallow, and campy to read, you’ll enjoy this post.

4. Pietro Boselli’s Yummy Photoshoot

Do you like Italian models? How about guys who are smart and hot? Well, click on the link above to check out some delish pics of the hottest math teacher on the planet. Can you say woof!?

5. Is there such a thing as BB etiquette?

Do you have a boyfriend? When you share intimacy, is the dynamic such that you go bareback? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. But is there such a thing as bareback etiquette between lovers? An interesting read that may cause you to pause and reflect.

6. Watersports and a new boyfriend

Have you ever had a boyfriend who wanted to try watersports? Was this an activity you weren’t sure about? If the answer is yes, you may find the response to a reader’s question in our “Ask Jack” area insightful.

7. Five tips for an explosive anal orgasm!

It is possible to experience an anal orgasm – but it doesn’t happen often. Learn more about this phenomenon and how you can have one with your mate.

8. Why you should hook up with a hot guy in a tent!

Do you like camping? Thinking about spending time this summer in the woods? Hoping to get your rugged on? If so, it might be a good idea to consider a tent hook up! We share 5 reasons why and don’t hold anything back!

9. Swallowing in the ancient Roman Army

Thousands of years ago stood a mighty force that ruled much of Europe. Specifically, we’re talking about the ancient Roman Army. Believe it or not, homosexuality happened among the ranks. Learn more in a post you will find nowhere else!

10. Five facts about pubic hair you might not know

Most of us have some form of pubic hair. But have you ever wondered why it exists? Moreover, do your pubes serve any real purpose? We dive deep and assess the situation.

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